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FolkRemedy, the popular do-it-yourself health care portal, celebrates two years of helping people live healthier and happier lives.

Folk Remedy
The freedom to manage your own health care is as important as freedom of speech or the right to keep and bear arms. -- Will Spencer, CEO of MemeBridge

FolkRemedy ( is celebrating two years of helping individuals manage their own health care. provides useful information and trusted advice to assist independent individuals in researching and evaluating folk remedies for common ailments. In most cases these home remedies provide effective relief at much lower costs than the government-managed health care system of licensed physicians and mandatory prescriptions.

With health-care rationing rapidly becoming a reality in the United States, there is a burgeoning interest in folk remedies and other less-regulated self-service health care.

Most folk remedies are the results of many generations of trial and error, each generation testing the remedies, rejecting those which did not provide relief, and passing on those which did work to the next generation. Modern folk remedies represent the gifts of wisdom and learning from our ancestors.

Archaeological evidence from the Shanidar Caves in Iraq shows that humans were using herbal remedies to treat illness as long as 60,000 years ago. A 5,300 year old skeleton recently discovered in the Swiss Alps was found carrying medicinal herbs.

The most popular folk remedy in America is the use of chicken soup to alleviate symptims of the common cold. A 1998 study showed that chicken soup reduces inflammation of the nasal passages by inhibiting neutrophil migration. helps provide objective and trustworthy information to people who have an interest in traditional medicine as an alternative to government-mandated systems.

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