Cold Storage and Food Distribution Industry Leader -- Merchandise Warehouse Employs New QuickFreeze System as a Better Blast Freezing Alternative

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Merchandise Warehouse of Indianapolis, named one of the TOP 70 Third Party Logistic and Cold Storage Companies has employed the all new QuickFreeze System for their blast freezing solution, providing up to 40% energy and logistical savings.

QuickFreeze is a great solution, providing a sustainable competitive advantage for cold storage facilities

Consumers give frozen food in the local grocery store little thought, but much of the frozen food that makes its way to the grocer’s freezer was frozen in large batches during processing to ensure freshness and most importantly providing consumers with food that is safe to eat.

This critical freezing process takes place in thousands of refrigerated facilities across the United States and consumes millions of kilowatt hours of energy to accomplish by ‘blasting’ sub-zero air at large pallets of food products. This decades old method requires an enormous amount of energy to reduce the air temperature to levels that will freeze the food with limited air flow, however this method also adds to concerns for food safety. Food contamination could occur if all the food is not promptly frozen to the proper temperature and short enough freeze times , which could result in exposing consumers to the risk of serious illness.

The engineers at Tippmann Engineering were the first to recognize that better air flow was the key to a superior blast freezing process. The new QuickFreeze System draws air through the spacers on the food pallet, as opposed to blasting cold air at and around a pallet, while hoping some air makes its way to the center. Drawing cold air through the pallet enables the QuickFreeze System to freeze processed foods much faster, at higher-energy saving temperatures, all while offering the added benefit of increased food safety having all the food freezing at the same consistent rate. Freezing food at the same rate makes the freezing process more predictable and all the frozen food we eat safer with far less risk of food borne contamination.

The latest facility to implement this new freezing innovation is Merchandise Warehouse located in Indianapolis, Indiana. Merchandise Warehouse is a national leader in both dry and frozen food storage distribution and was named one of the ‘Top 70’ third party logistic and cold storage providers in the United States. After discovering QuickFreeze, Merchandise Warehouse immediately recognized the financial and logistical sense of incorporating the QuickFreeze System into their cold storage warehouse capabilities.

Sam Tippmann, President of Tippmann Engineering, comments on QuickFreeze, “QuickFreeze is a great solution, providing a sustainable competitive advantage for cold storage facilities with forward-thinking leadership. Everyone recognizes that energy costs are only expected to increase over time, and the recently enacted Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) requires anyone processing food to take a proactive, science-based approach to improving food quality. QuickFreeze covers our customers on both counts.”

It is estimated that a typical 50,000 square ft. cold storage facility could conserve up to 40% of its energy usage utilizing the new QuickFreeze System in place of a conventional blast freezer. QuickFreeze also provides significant logistical savings allowing cold storage facilities to freeze product in the storage rack as opposed to having to move food pallets between cold storage and a separate blast freezer.

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