AleatoricArt Gallery at Red Dot Fair / Art Basel Week November 30- December 4, 2011

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AleatoricArt Gallery is a Houston based gallery of selected international artists who allow the laws of physics to guide their creative vision, seeking out art born of natural causes and daring to leave some things purely to chance. This year the gallery presents 5 randomly selected artists whose most recent creations and latest techniques will be on display, and all of these artists will attend the Opening Reception, held on Wednesday, November 29, 6-10PM in the big Red Dot tent. Get tickets and VIP passes at

AleatoricArt Gallery at RED DOT Fair / Art Basel Miami Week November 30- December 4, 2011

Call it a fluke, a stroke of luck if you like, but there’s no question about it: there is most definitely a movement afoot.

"Call it a fluke, a stroke of luck if you like, but there’s no question about it: there is a movement afoot. Make no mistake it’s definitely an accident and it’s waiting to happen in Miami. Coming this December, MAMA, the Movement of Aleatoric Modern Artists, will be shocking, rocking and schlock-blocking Miami’s Art Basel for the third consecutive year. With this collective's tumescent growth in membership and the hyper-prolific artistic outs-pewing of the vets of this burgeoning agitation, it promises to confuse, jar, discombobulate, and exhilarate venue goers corpse-ishly stoic and hysterically giddy alike. If you’re like I was not so long ago you’re probably asking yourself “what is aleatoric art and what makes it so earth-curdlingly stupefying?” The answer is... Mama Nature! Yes, Aleatoric Art is the ultimate artistic collaboration between man and the elements. Happenstance, randomness and a twist of fate’s unwilling wrist go in halfseys with some of the most outstanding visionaries the planet can boast in a peaceful yet often violent serendipity of creative cacophony to produce works of art that go far beyond those of mere mortals alone. You can witness this transmogrification of the face of art itself right before your very twitching, bugged out eyes this year at Red Dot Fair during Art Basel Miami week. Be a part, and warn your friends of this must-see extremaganza." -Ray Cabarga


ALLAN RODEWALD's experimentation and versatility with a wide variety of traditional and cutting-edge artistic techniques, styles and mediums coalesce to sire yet a new take on aleatoric art. A kind of choreographed chaos or directed entropy make his brand of aleatoric abstraction both accessible to the uninitiated while permitting him to stretch further than pure aleatoria alone can by establishing minimal governing parameters which act as a perceptual reference point for his cacophonous peregrinations to juxtapose, contrast, or simply enjoy the context of. By slightly narrowing the gamut of possibility, Rodewald reveals a delicate serendipity that unbridled pandemonium would obliterate. Once again illustrating that freedom is appreciated only relative to that from which it is free.
TED LINCOLN Somewhere between dry white paper and wet black ink, there is art held in suspension. From deep within the heart of his aleatoric muse, Ted Lincoln draws out cloudbursts of blinding darkness and billowy nether worlds of hidden light in a cacophony of contrasts created with harsh industrial materials that seem incongruous with the transcendent beauty of his images. Artistry of a caliber that we rarely see and yet we feel an immediate sense of familiarity with these forms and figures that speak so clearly to our emotions yet remain mysterious to our intellect. Lincoln’s artworks defy critique with their expressive beauty and deny indifference with their emotional poignancy. Somewhere between Eastern traditional Sumi paintings and the surreal science-fiction avante garde lies the work of Ted Lincoln. A unique aleatoric master who transcends the context of black and white, making the rest of the spectrum of light seem superfluous.
JB BOND Around the center of the periodic table, JB Bond finds the elements that inspire his heavy metal urges- the hard metallic substrates he uses extreme temperatures and immense force to manipulate in the creation of his stately and graceful artwork, which appears both ancient yet timeless in form and finish. A contemporary fine art blacksmith/metallurgist, Bond uses recycled scraps of anything from bronze, copper, and aluminum to stainless, carbon, and mild steels, heats them to white hot and power hammers them into submission before plunging them into ice water to contrast hand-forged, organic-looking finishes within the geometrically precise and elegantly orthogonal designs of his wall hangings and floor sculptures. This earthy, almost medieval quality that characterizes his work is more of what galvanizes his place in this gallery.
ANDREW SCHROCK Aleatoric art is at its ultimate pinnacle of excellence when the planets align in a harmonic convergence and the cosmic energy of the universe is focused in the precise coordinates so as to invoke the divine spirit of the celestial spheres and some guy blows up sheet metal balloons with a garden hose. But only when that guy is Andrew Schrock, an extraordinarily talented master weldsman and torchist who has devoted his life to bringing this magnificent art form to the world. Schrock's precedent setting creations come to fruition in his state-of-the-art studio workshop behind the old abandoned Pep Boys where one can find the artist almost any hour of any day deeply immersed in his most current project, and about 6 inches of standing water. The very same water whose awesome power provides the driving force behind blowing these things up. Toiling tirelessly for weeks on just one piece, Schrock will do his best to seal every juncture with his arc welder which he wields with the skill and precision of a surgeon. And then the creative process begins. A precise length of 1/2 inch garden hose has one end attached to a spigot and the other to a precision fitted adapter nozzle through which pure di-hydrogen monoxide is forced directly into the artwork and the amazing transformation begins. As if by forces beyond our understanding the universal solvent actually expands and distorts the metallic substrate into bulbous balloon-like formations of transcendent beauty and perfection. The work is complete when the pressure inside the sculpture has reached critical mass and shell breach occurs, spewing highly corrosive di-hydrogen monoxide (A substance lethal to humans in large quantities that has been known to erode solid rock) as far as two feet in the air. And thus another amazing sheet metal balloon is manifested and stands as a monumental testament to mans helplessness against the forces of nature and the genius of Andrew Schrock, one of the great aleatoric art artists of our time.
J COLEMAN MILLER Somewhere between representation and abstraction, J Coleman Miller's highly stylized photographic prints find a new kind of surrealist expressionism. Eerie aqueous faces of angst and passion hidden within diaphanous veils of liquid flesh. Floral fluids teeming with twisted crickets. Tortured spirits embroiled in gaseous infernos. Nebulous glacial prehistoria infected with fractal reflections and vitreous pathogens. Sultry vaporous nymphs smoldering in the molten pools of aleatoric magma from which the earliest signs of art emerged. Composed with a digital camera and the rippling water of a Koi pond, the mysterious images of J Coleman Miller evoke wonder and delight without allowing us to fall victim to our usual inner censor who squelches the child in us and casts judgement based on what is known. Miller's art invites us to see what we don’t yet believe.
RED DOT Fair is an all booth fair, located across the street from Art Miami and next to Scope and Art Asia. Photo Miami is also a few blocks away... At this Midtown Miami location there is ample parking and amenities to serve the art public, creating an art fair mecca. Last year, Red Dot Miami had over twenty thousand visitors. RED DOT Fair is a 30 thousand square foot venue, hosting fine photography, painting, sculpture, works on paper and more, as chosen and presented by USA and international art dealers.


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