Wall Street Movement & Elenin’s Zero-Impact Shows Success of 3 Day Focus on Peace Say World Peacemakers “Just a Start - 11:11:11 is The Turning Point”

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Despite major earthquakes being connected to previous Elenin alignments, there were none on 9/26/2011; World Peacemakers, including Tony Burroughs sees this and the growing national movement against greed as evidence of the success of the 3 Day Moratorium on News to focus on peace. As Dr. Calleman has determined the Mayan Calendar ends two days after Elenin reaches its closest point to the Earth, the World peacemakers are again calling for a focus on peace to transmute the energies generated for the indigenous elders of South America on 11/11/2011 to use in sacred ceremony to connect 200 points on earth.

Doorway of Amaru Meru
Lake Titicaca, Peru

Doorway of Amaru Meru Lake Titicaca, Peru

Heaven is a movement of community in Spirit
Hal Lingerman

Suzzan Babcock, who together with her husband Craig is responsible for the Know Thyself Initiative http://www.triple7center.com has an interesting insight into the growing national movement. Linking it to the success of the 3 Day Moratorium on All News Suzzan says, “On the face of it, people calling attention to greed would appear to have little to do with peace, but if we remember that everything is energy we can see how a 3 day focus on peace could lead to a group of people “occupying” Wall Street. Whenever we move the mass consciousness to feel and experience something, people will react in different ways. Some are motivated to promote peace; whereas others, the “occupiers” were motivated to address a consciousness that threatens peace. As greed for land, possessions or power is the cause of most conflicts in the world, there is no greater enemy to peace than greed; hence the national movement to address greed."

To see the second part of video click here - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=198WWFhVHQg

Accepting the growing national movement hi-lighting corporate greed can be attributed to the mass focus on peace, what of bringing world peace? Did the 3 Day moratorium on All News have any affect on violence and war? Suzzan relates “Apart from the fact there were no earthquakes during Elenin’s alignment, we know that at least 144,000 people were focused on peace because; we were able to place a purple dot before the meditation as a representative of a world peacemaker for 129 countries not-represented.”

Lamenting that the purple dots on the triple7center web site’s map in countries without a world peacemaker’s name are just a stopgap, Suzzan explains, “Although I know without a shadow of a doubt that the majority of the world wants peace and every country is filled with world peacemakers, I need 144,000 – the number of completion to step forward as a world peacemaker, with just one from each country. Unfortunately, I cannot hold every country indefinitely, regardless of how much I want to. We have to find them by the 28th of October or the end of the Mayan Calendar.”

Asked what would happen if 144,000 people do not come forward from every country? Suzzan relates, “That would mean we would have to remove the purple dots, meaning that not every country would be connected to the 11:11:11 event in South America. This is because the main purpose for the purple dots is one of intent, which is best described by world peacemaker and creator of The Vision Alignment Project, Tony Burroughs. http://www.visionalignmentproject.com/totalalignments.html In a letter to his intenders about how to see troubled people Tony says: “We in the Intenders would say that we see him in his Highest Light. We see his Perfection, his Divine Essence, his Spirit Self - and in doing so something quite magical - a transformation - begins to happen. He picks up on what we're doing and he contemplates a change in his behavior… This is what is happening all around us these days. In the midst of seemingly relentless chaos, more and more people are holding the template of the Highest Light. We’re seeing everyone and everything in its Highest, Sanest, Most Joyful State of Being, and, as a result, we’re having a profound effect on the world we live in. We’re healing it.”

“Tony Burrough’s intenders were the reason we could place the purple dots on the map in the first place and more and more people are joining the Vision Alignment Project, so I am sure the time is right”, reasons Suzzan. However, one of the most pressing questions of the day is “What happens after the 28th?” Will the world change or will it be just another day? Dr. Calleman http://www.calleman.com addresses three possible alternatives in an excerpt from an article he wrote October 2nd 2011:

  •     “The first, and most dramatic alternative, is that all waves - as well as the tzolkin cycle - come to an end…
  •     The second alternative, which I am currently leaning towards, is that the waves end, after having accomplished their evolutionary purposes, but the tzolkin continues to provide some energetic background variation…
  •     The third alternative is that not only the tzolkin, but also the nine creation waves (Underworlds) continue indefinitely and the total of peaks and valleys not limited to thirteen.

“The latter view seems to have been held in the site of Palenque in ancient times…it is not possible to tell with certainty which one of the three alternatives that will play out after the calendar comes to an end, but either one would amount to a fundamental discontinuity and a significant, if not total, transformation of our experience of life…”

Carl Johan Calleman

Suzzan relates that when she contacted Dr. Calleman about quoting him in this release and to discuss his page on the triple 7 center web site, he said, “I see 11:11:11 as some kind of event to celebrate the new stage for life after the end of the Mayan calendar on October 28, 2011 and obviously since it is a Gregorian date many have heard about it…”

And so, while a small portion of the world aware of Dr. Calleman’s date for the end of the Mayan calendar holds its collective breath, the majority of the world is going about their daily activities oblivious to any changes. But Suzzan says, “This press release is aimed at people dreading the 28th of October, because they have heard it’s the end of the world. Our hope is to comfort them by making them aware that a group of indigenous elders from Peru and Bolivia are convinced the world will not be destroyed, so much so they are holding a sacred ceremony 14 days later.”

Speaking of the ceremony in South America, front and center again in the gathering of world peacemakers in Peru and representing the I.D.E.A. Foundation for the Benefit of Humanity who sponsors KTI is Leyland Carney http://www.lescarney.com. He says, “After the incredible energy I experienced in France I felt compelled to support the 11:11:11 sacred ceremony and ensure that as many people as possible heard about it.”

“Basically it is up to us”, says Suzzan. “As with the 3 Day Moratorium to focus on peace, participants in Peru and around the world will connect with other groups of Light Workers, connecting 200 points on the Earth. If we can find 144,000 selfless individuals to step forward and join the other world peacemakers before October 28th we will succeed in making a huge step to transforming the world by creating a unity consciousness to be used in Peru on November 11 2011. The good news is other groups are already coming forward calling for the world to unite in peace for the 11:11:11 event, we just have to realize that our future is in our hands and we have to be the ones to cause a shift in the mass consciousness.”


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