Botox Treatment on the Rise Says Leading Clinic

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With a global recession resulting in cut-backs in consumer spending on luxury items, the cosmetic and non-surgical medical procedure industry is set to match record levels. But what are the reasons for the growing interest in Botox treatment, one of the most common cosmetic procedures in the UK?

Whilst statistics can be hard to come by, globally the cosmetic procedures industry has bucked the trend of the recession, and will be making profits of $3.8 billion globally according to the International Master Course on Ageing Skin (IMCAS).

Dr Anita Kapoor and Dr Nazim Mahmood are the founders of Face Clinic London, one of the country’s leading cosmetic practices. They back up reports that Botox treatments are on the rise in the UK, and offer an insight as to why Botox in particular had seen such a surge in popularity.

“Well it’s really a very simple procedure and it’s certainly not what we’d consider an invasive treatment. A very small needle is used to inject the Botox into the area that the patient wants to treat. This typically only causes mild discomfort and the treatment is completed very quickly in just a few minutes. Because the procedure is so fast and easy patients can easily fit it into their lives.” Said Dr Mahmood.

Anecdotal evidence certainly seems to confirm this claim. A patient I spoke to who wished to remain anonymous said “I’ve never had plastic surgery or anything like that, but my sister got Botox last year and the results were fantastic. She didn’t have to take time away from work or the family to get it done.”

Patients who might see traditional cosmetic surgery as the preserve of the rich are seeing Botox in a different light as something easily accessible to everyone both in terms of the procedure’s cost and in terms of the time it takes to perform.

We wondered though if the increased number of patients getting Botox treatments could be accounted for by repeat visits from regular customers, however Dr Kapoor rejected this idea. “The more Botox treatments you have the longer the effects last as the muscles you target become used less and less. So although some individuals might be repeat patients, the frequency that we see these people coming back to us gets lower. Repeat visits wouldn’t account for the volume of procedures we complete. In short more people are fist time users of this kind of treatment.”

The truth as to why there has been such a marked increase in Botox procedures almost certainly lies in the fact that now, as ever, people want to look good. Botox makes people looked refreshed and healthy. Friends and family of those who have the treatment will notice a difference in appearance but not a change as extreme as the changes seen in those who have a face lift.

Dr Kapoor said something which I think gets to the heart of explaining the popularity of Botox:
“It’s a small procedure that can make people look noticeably better and can severely reduce things like wrinkle lines and crow’s feet. These are the kind of things that can bother people for years and slowly eat away at their self confidence. After all, who wouldn’t want to do something quick and easy to make themselves look better?”

Face Clinic London is a Botox specialist working from Harley Street, Wembley and Soho in London (


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