Is Asia Prepared for Bio Based Feedstock Supply Chain Complexities, Prices and Trade?

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Leading experts in bio based economy to gather at Singapore for CMT’s “Biobased feedstocks for Fuels and Chemicals” conference, on 28-29, November, 2011.

Biobased Feedstocks For Fuels & Chemicals

28-29 Nov, 2011 - Singapore

Is Asia ready for a bio based economy? Will supply chain and sustainability complexities limit biobased economy? Why Asian industry is investing in a biobased economy?
Unravel the answers at CMT's Biobased Feedstocks for Fuels & Chemicals.

The emerging biobased fuels and chemicals industry is in the midst of a transition as innovations from laboratories go to the market place. The biobased economy faces technological, feedstocks and sustainability and market development challenges.

CMT’s “Biobased feedstocks for Fuels and Chemicals” being held on 28-29 November, 2011, in Singapore will address these crucial issues.

Why Asian industry is investing in a biobased economy?

The rich and diverse biomass resources across Asia offers immense opportunities for establishment of a biobased economy in the long term. In recent years there have been multiple partnership and cooperative models set up to establish a Biobased Chemical value chain.

The future of several start ups in this sector will be shaped by access to sustainable feedstock supply, improved technologies, managing regulations and meeting sustainability challenges. To address these critical issues CMT's “Biobased Feedstocks for Fuels & Chemicals” is designed to focus on key issues such as price determinants, supply security of biomass feedstock, conversion economics, feasibility of pretreatment & conversion technologies and risk management issues.

Will supply chain and sustainability complexities limit biobased economy?

At a micro level the summit will explore global biobased feedstock prices & trade, impact of biofuel based pricing on the Biobased Chemical sector, and supply chain complexities. It will brainstorm on the sustainability challenges facing the bio based value chain, and various partnership models. Besides, the economics of an integrated value chain for 1,3-Propanediol from crude Glycerine, cellulosic platform of Genencor and Bioethanol related bio products from palm oil are key discussion points too.

The summit will also discuss prospects and challenges of sweet sorghum and cassava to sugar/ethanol, sustainability and Life-Cycle Assessment of Jatropha & Camelina based biofuel.

Why attend this summit?

At CMT’s “Biobased feedstocks for Fuels and Chemicals” you will attain the most updated assessment and insights into: demand supply gap in global/Asian agro feedstocks; strategies for feedstocks security; transitional challenges to a bio based economy; Thailand, Australia, Philippines, China & Indonesian experiences; sustainability and risk management challenges in bio based value chain and more.

For stakeholders ranging from Agribusiness, Biofuels, oleochemical , Power & Utilities, Commodities Trading, Shipping, Logistics (Dry Bulk) & Storage, Licensors of conversion technologies, EPC’s to Financial Institutions & Private financing sectors, CMT’s “Biomass Feedstocks for Fuels and Chemicals” is a must attend event.

So is Asia ready for a bio based economy? You will get the answers at this timely conference.


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