Long-term Results Affected by Rhinoplasty Technique

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Rhinoplasty techniques have evolved to allow for improved nose surgery results. Dr. Pramit Malhotra, specializing in rhinoplasty for the Detroit area, discusses.

More surgeons are approaching rhinoplasty with an eye towards individualized results and long-term satisfaction, and newer techniques make this more achievable. Dr. Pramit Malhotra from the Malhotra Center for plastic surgery, understands that the outcome of rhinoplasty for Detroit and Ann Arbor area patients is dependent on careful techniques and planning. Better long-term results can be achieved by providing proper support for the nose throughout the recovery and by customizing the procedure with the patient's individual anatomy and concerns in mind.

"Rhinoplasty requires a customized approach for every patient," explains Dr. Malhotra. "Patients have many options for changing the appearance of their noses; I can change the slope, narrow or widen the nostrils, and adjust the tip, making subtle or more dramatic alterations as needed for patients. This customization is vital to providing long-term results that satisfy the patient."

To customize the procedure specifically for each patient, Dr. Malhotra approaches each consultation with the goal of understanding each patient's motivations, goals, and expectations for surgery. "Each patient has a unique facial structure and will need adjustments that match his or her individual face. Taking into consideration ethnicity, facial proportions, and the patient's goals is key to creating an excellent outcome," says Dr. Malhotra.

After customizing each rhinoplasty in Michigan and performing the surgery, Dr. Malhotra monitors the nose to ensure everything is healing properly. Dr. Malhotra explains that the long-term appearance of the nose depends on the technique and consideration that go into the surgery, which must include special consideration for swelling and scar contracture, which can affect the results long after surgery. As the swelling subsides, it’s important to keep tabs on your progress as your results appear.

Dr. Malhotra says, that "Rhinoplasty patients won't see the full results of their surgery until about a year after surgery. This may seem like a long time, but for most patients the nose is close to its final appearance after 6 months. However, it's absolutely vital for the surgeon to take into account how the incisions will heal even before surgery is performed since scar contracture occurs over several months to a year as the nose heals."

Scar contracture, where the skin contracts as it heals, continues past the initial healing phase with rhinoplasty and can subtly change the nose long after surgery. Scar contracture happens as the incisions heal inside the nose; in some cases, the contracture can distort the appearance of the nose after surgery if the surgeon isn't careful about creating the proper internal support for the nose. To minimize the risk, Dr. Malhotra takes special precautions to ensure the internal structure of the nose is supported properly, such as grafting skin or cartilage if necessary.

"Scar contracture can sometimes lead to revision surgery for some patients, which means they have to go through the entire surgical process again," explains Dr. Malhotra. "Revision surgery is sometimes necessary, but I make it a priority to minimize the risk of long-term complications by carefully considering the long-term results before the surgery is even performed."

Dr. Malhotra specializes in rhinoplasty, which means he has the experience to produce beautiful and satisfying results for his patients. "My previous experience helps me make the right decisions about the techniques I will use since I have learned what works for creating beautiful results. I customize every procedure and I believe I have the right foundation to provide results that fit my patients' faces and provide long term satisfaction."

Dr. Pramit Malhotra (http://www.annarborplasticsurgery.com/) is board-certified in plastic surgery as well as otolaryngology. He received his Medical Degree from Ohio State University College of Medicine. He has been recognized as one of Real Self's Top Doctors for a variety of different procedures. Dr. Malhotra specializes in surgical and non-surgical treatments for the face, breast and body, including breast augmentation, breast lift, liposuction, tummy tuck, mini-facelift and rhinoplasty. He has offices in both Jackson and Ann Arbor, Michigan to serve patients from all over the state.


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