Free Smartphone App CellTRAKR Launched to Stop Cell Phone Use While Driving; Supports National Teen Driver Safety Week Oct. 16 - 22

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CellTRAKR is a free, new smartphone app designed to prevent talking and texting while driving. The technology disables a phone once in a moving car, monitors speed, and offers a variety of reporting options for parents to monitor teens' driving activity. CellTRAKR works with Android, Blackberry and Windows Mobile 5 or 6, is compatible with every major carrier, and can be downloaded for free at

Mobile use and driving are a dangerous and deadly combination, particularly for teens," said Gregg Smith, Proximiti CEO. "Technology has created the problem, and now we have the technology in CellTRAKR to solve it and make our roadways safer for everyone.

Parents of young drivers can rest a little easier when their teen gets behind the wheel thanks to CellTRAKR Free, a new smartphone app from Tampa-based Proximiti Communications that can be downloaded onto teens' phones to prevent texting and talking while driving, as well as report excessive speeds. The free app allows for up to five users per account and launches just ahead of National Teen Driver Safety Week Oct. 16 – 22 to help end distracted driving.

How CellTRAKR Free Works
CellTRAKR features an automatic driving mode that turns on as soon as speed goes above 5MPH in order to detect and report risky driving behavior to parents. Speed is identified through either the phone’s GPS capabilities or the car’s Bluetooth connection. Once enabled, CellTRAKR’s Automatic Driving Mode will stop all phone use by:

  •     Silencing the ringer
  •     Creating an auto reply to all text messages
  •     Sending all calls directly to voicemail

CellTRAKR will also monitor teens’ speed and report speeds that violate a parent-set threshold. Usage of CellTRAKR does not enable hands-free operation, making sure that teens stay focused on one thing – safe driving. It will, however, allow 911 calls to be made in an emergency Not only will parents have peace of mind when their teen is driving, but they’ll also save money on car repairs and insurance.

CellTRAKR works with Android, Blackberry and Windows Mobile 5 or 6, and is compatible with every major carrier. Installation involves three easy steps before CellTRAKR is fully operational:

  •     Visit to create an account
  •     Click on the download link sent via text message
  •     Reboot the phone

While parents who have iPhones can use them to monitor CellTRAKR, teens with iPhones will be unable to install CellTRAKR Free since Apple does not allow open access to its data. Smith and his team are currently urging Apple to change its policy in order to help prevent distracted driving.

CellTRAKR Free Alerts and Reports
Parents will be kept informed of their teen’s driving habits in a variety of ways:

  •     Email alerts sent to one or both parents as behavior occurs
  •     Weekly scheduled email reports summarizing activity

CellTRAKR Free also has several safeguards in place to detect and report teens trying to circumvent its phone disabling features. While users are allowed to request “Passenger Mode,” parents will be notified of the action. Turning off GPS or the phone, or uninstalling the application, will also result in parental notification.

CellTRAKR Family Edition
Parents looking for more comprehensive features than the CellTRAKR Free app can upgrade to the CellTRAKR Family Edition for $29.95 per year. Additional features include:

  •     Text message alerts for parents
  •     Location tracking to identify where teens are at all times or have been throughout the day.
  •     Tracking of all phone activity
  •     Budgeting capabilities and tools to prevent costly carrier charges and overages.
  •     International service for families that travel, which reduces calling costs by 90%.
  •     Reporting of inappropriate web site visits, language used in messages and hours of usage
  •     Lost or stolen phone support

CellTRAKR Free is part of a larger effort by Smith’s team to help end distracted driving. The company recently launched an online community called, which encourages teens to “Take the Pledge” against distracted driving and to help “Spread the Word.” It also includes a variety of resources for additional information, statistics and news on the topic.

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