VERITAS interviews bestselling author David Wilcock and announces the Australian tour of celebrity psychic - and VERITAS contributor - Deb Webber

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VERITAS, Australia’s leading consciousness magazine, announces the first of a four-part interview with bestselling author David Wilcock, published in the latest issue (Volume 2, Issue 5) on newsstands now.

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VERITAS Executive Editor and Publisher Brian J. Creigh sat down with Wilcock, whose latest book, The Source Field Investigations: The Hidden Science and Lost Civilizations Behind the 2012 Prophecies, reached No. 16 on The New York Times list of best sellers last month. Over the course of the exclusive interview, Wilcock covers a host of fascinating topics that affect our lives, including the holographic universe theory, alien intelligence, time portals and as well as the heart of his groundbreaking book: the myriad clues the ancient Egyptians, Mayans, Hindus left behind, which all indicate human beings are headed towards a golden age of consciousness.

Also during this premier installment, Wilcock goes into depth about his work’s source material, the Law of One: the Ra Material. Originally published in the 1980s, the Law of One is a series of communiqués between three Earthlings and one sixth-dimensional extraterrestrial who referred to itself as Ra. (If he had a gender, he did not specify.) While this sounds like the premise of a great sitcom, their sessions were serious business. Between 1981 and 1984, the trio channeled Ra and record their special alien friend’s beliefs regarding the universe, including, and most especially, the Law of One. During one of the tape-recorded conversations, Ra defines the Law of One as that which binds all things: “You are every thing, every being, every emotion, every event, every situation. You are unity. You are infinity. You are love/light, light/love. You are. This is the Law of One.”

Wilcock reveals to VERITAS that ETs walk among us and that their enhanced evolution is a harbinger for the impending 2012 shift: “Most of the ETs visiting Earth... have much greater abilities than people here on Earth have. Therefore, when you meet them, you have this overwhelming sense of calm, peace, gratitude and love from these beings, because they are much closer to the source field in terms of their level of evolution than we are. That appears to be what we are heading into now. That’s apparently what this whole 2012 shift is about—the planet energetically propels us into a state where we will be ready to get these abilities functional.” With 2012 just months away, this interview should be required reading for all Earthlings.

In other news, VERITAS contributor Deb Webber, the psychic medium and star of the television program “Sensing Murder,” is currently on her Australian “Whispers From Heaven” workshop tour through the rest of 2011. She’ll makes stops in Sydney, Newcastle, Coffs Harbour, Melbourne, Geelong, Ballarat and Brisbane before wrapping up in Hervey Bay on December 16. Tickets are still available through Webber’s website ( as well as the World Conscious Productions website (

Each issue of VERITAS connects readers to subjects mainstream media fails, and fears, to cover. Elsewhere in the newest issue is the second part of the four-part interview with David Icke, the controversial British author, speaker—and chief proponent of the theory that says the global economy is controlled by extraterrestrial reptiles from the constellation Draco—continues his plea for mankind to fight its enslavement. Dream analyst Craig Sim Webb offers tips on how to harvest the wisdom of dreams to improve relationships. Media personality, Associate Professor and leading researcher in Health and the Environment, Dr Peter Dingle, weighs in on the link between salt and hypertension and asserts that many of us are actually suffering from a lack of salt in our diets. Like all of the issues of VERITAS, this issue is a thought-provoking must-read.

VERITAS is a bi-monthly magazine dedicated to inspiring people to live healthy, more fully realized lives. It publishes articles covering myriad topics including consciousness, holistic health and healing, esoterism, alternative therapies, ancient wisdom, science and spirituality, and current political and environmental news. For more information, please visit


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