Steve Jobs and Apple Made Possible a New Message from God

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The Society for the New Message from God has stated that Steve Jobs and the innovations of Apple are enabling a 21 century message from God to reach the world.

In a letter sent to Apple, The Society for the New Message from God has stated that Steve Jobs and the innovations of Apple are enabling a 21st century message from God to reach the world. The Society is a religious organization responsible for The New Message from God, a 9000-page revelation received by Marshall Vian Summers which has followers worldwide.

In their letter, The Society details how the rise of Apple mirrored the rise of the New Message and how both had "garage beginnings" in the Bay Area in the late 1970s. While Jobs was innovating the personal computer, Summers was innovating the potential for personal revelation, "a new way of discovering the mind beneath the mind, and the mysterious God connection within us all."

Today, the discoveries and revelations of Summers are being studied in 12 languages by Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, agnostics and others from diverse faith traditions. According to The Society, it is the simplicity and intelligence of Apple devices and their ability to capture, create and transmit information that is helping a New Message from God reach humanity.

Darlene Mitchell, now The Society's assistant publisher, began transcribing Summers' first revelations on a Mac SE in 1987. These transcriptions included his seminal work Steps to Knowledge, a revelation of 365 steps for discovering "our mysterious God connection."

Mitchell recalls, “Marshall received the 500 pages of Steps to Knowledge in 14 days. Right afterwards, we drafted the manuscript on our Mac SE, printed it out on our trusty Apple LaserWriter, took it to a local copy place, glue bound the books on an ironing board and made the first primitive Steps book in 1989, almost immediately after the Messenger received it.”

Years later, Steps to Knowledge was published in the trade and received the Year 2000 Book of the Year Award for Spirituality. But it was the revolutionary Mac computer and the power of design and desktop publishing that it put in the hands of the user that enabled such a rapid rendering of a religious text.

According to Mitchell, "In the past 30 years, we have used nearly every desktop, laptop and handheld device made by Apple to record, archive and disseminate the New Message from God. While it took 40 years for the first Quran to be written down, we were able to do so days after the Messenger received it. This has never been done before in history."

To learn more about the New Message from God, contact The Society or watch the live broadcast of Marshall Vian Summers as he presents his new revelation to the world.


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