SEO Link Revolution Poised and Ready, With Highly-Anticipated Launch, to End ‘Occupation’ of SEO Link Building Industry

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SEO Link Revolution, set to launch at 8:00 a.m. (EST), on Wednesday, Oct. 19, is primed and ready to kill the SEO link building two-party system. Right now, SEO pros and small businesses have exactly two choices if they want to increase their Google PageRank: add even more to an already-exhausting schedule of SEO activities (‘In-house and suffer’), or hire an offshore firm sight unseen to do it with almost no oversight and/or transparency whatsoever (‘Outsource and wonder’). SEO Link Revolution is THE answer to the proverbial question: How can one dramatically increase search engine optimization efforts, and see tangible results, without having to greatly sacrifice overall business productivity and quality control? In a crowded field of SEO link building players, SEO Link Revolution – launching this Wednesday – stands out by giving you a revolutionary and simple option; the result of which is undeniable…Higher rankings. More business. More profit.

“SEO Link Revolution is comprehensive; it also tracks your keywords, and rates their performance, and generates automatic and user-friendly graphical monthly reports for you."

There are still only two ways to go when it comes to improving the Google PR (PageRank) of your business website: you can stay up late, prop yourself up with coffee and sheer will, and ramp up your own personal search engine optimization activities, or you can outsource (with as much confidence as you can fairly muster) to a provider 12 time zones away. The game changes forever though, on Wednesday, Oct. 19, with the much-anticipated 8:00 a.m. (EST) launch of SEO Link Revolution – an innovative and automated link building application that takes the pain out of ranking high.

Because SEO success is based largely on the number and quality of links a website has, SEO Link Revolution addresses the task of SEO link building with a logical, head-on solution; to offer direct access to one of its networks of over 500 custom-designed blogs, with over 100 different IP addresses. Based on the limited membership you choose (with registration currently limited to 50 premium members), you could receive an output of 14,000 links per month – which includes 100 permanent links and automated link insertion for both high and low value links. In an arena which seems to become increasingly complicated with every turn, SEO Link Revolution seeks to simplify search engine optimization, and give you the results you need.

“The beauty of SEO Link Revolution is that it gives you the power to achieve remarkable success in achieving your clients' ranking objectives, and to do so in-house,” said CEO Graham Cooper. “Other SEO tools are so complicated, that to try and manage these activities in-house would be to sacrifice a whole bunch of time working on your core mission. Let’s face it. Page rank is going to be irrelevant if it comes on the heels of not spending enough time on your product and services. That’s why we wanted to build an automated SEO application that could really be of true and lasting value to an SEO professional or a business owner looking to get more business and earn more profit.”

Leveraging a team of experienced SEO professionals, and understanding with perfect clarity the tone and timbre established by the latest tweaks to the Google algorithm, SEO Link Revolution keeps its core in quality. SEO Link Revolution is, simply, more highly evolved in allowing SEO professionals to create an SEO campaign for a client in just a few minutes; providing for automatic keyword detection to go along with a fully automatic system of link building management; and employing the use of intelligent software that knows exactly where, when and how to post your content to optimize, at all times, Google friendliness.

Despite the time and effort required to build and maintain its high-quality network, SEO Link Revolution – which, to maintain utmost network integrity, will offer a variety of memberships available only on a limited basis – was created replete with self-balancing software that prevents users from using too many links and becoming ‘over-optimized.’

“What some folks fail to realize is that if you are over-optimized – if your trajectory is too perfect, that is, Google can push you off the highest part of the cliff,” said Cooper. “We spent a great length of time ensuring a way to prevent over-optimization. We also wanted to make this easy for anyone to use – even relative novices. And what we have created, in essence, is a link building tool with which you can essentially go to a screen, create a campaign, have the system automatically insert your keywords and, with the push of a button, execute an SEO campaign. SEO Link Revolution is comprehensive; it also tracks your keywords, and rates their performance, and generates automatic and user-friendly graphical monthly reports for you and your clients. You won’t have to call your provider at 3:30 a.m. on a Tuesday trying to track down reports.”

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