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The most topical and hotly debated costumes this Halloween are zombie Osama bin Laden, Charlie Sheen, sexy adult costumes based on childhood characters, an "Anna Rexia" costume, dead celebrities, and political costumes. today released a list of 2011's most controversial Halloween costumes. These are costumes that some find funny and topical, but others find offensive choices to wear to work or school. The list includes Charlie Sheen, political costumes, zombie Osama bin Laden, sexy adult costumes based on childhood characters, and dead celebrity costumes.

Zombie Osama bin Laden
Dead celebrities
Charlie Sheen
Anna Rexia
Sexy adult costumes based on childhood characters

Zombie Osama bin Laden and Dead Celebrities
The zombie Osama bin Laden Halloween costume stirs many emotionally-charged debates regarding patriotism, pride, mockery, and respect. On a smaller scale, even reanimated Amy Winehouses and undead Ryan Dunns stir questions of “too soon?” For many, that’s the point. A satirically worn Halloween costume can provide a new perspective on the definition of politically correct.

Charlie Sheen
Charlie Sheen has renounced his “tiger blood” ways, but crowds are still clamoring for Sheen’s "Two and a Half Men" look anyway. They want to become, just for a night, the unstoppable, hashtag-inventing #bi-winning persona that took Twitter and America by storm. The Charlie Sheen costume itself – only a mask, bowling shirt, and wig – does not cause problems, but Sheen’s reported drug use and womanizing ways have many arguing the costume is less than a winning choice.

Anna Rexia and Sexy Costumes
The shock and subsequent news headlines regarding a sexy “Anna Rexia” skeleton costume, long discontinued by its manufacturer, have almost reached the level of Halloween tradition. Every year, the costume raises concerns over the glamorization of eating disorders and ignites further discussion on sexy Halloween costumes. Critics frequently turn to Naughty Nemo as an example of the sexification of everything - in this case, a charming fish character.

Sexification is a hot topic, but many women fight the “shaming of sexy.” They argue that feeling sexy should be embraced if so desired, and, therefore, the freedom to choose a sexy costume should not be denied. Industry executives add that because so many costumes are labeled sexy, and because they come in various styles, shapes, and in standard and plus sizes, there is no singular body type, look, or theme being pushed upon women. Sexy costumes have been among the best-selling items and the most searched for costumes for many years. All sides agree, though, that revealing costumes should be worn only to appropriate occasions and only by adults.

Politician Costumes
Even basing a Halloween costume on an upstanding citizen, a person one finds inspiring and morally sound can be an inappropriate Halloween costume in many settings. Going as a favorite president, senator, or presidential candidate is almost guaranteed to make waves. Political costumes worn seriously or as parodies can offend those with opposing political beliefs. Many see this as an opportunity for debate, but wearing a political costume can escalate into an issue for HR. Some schools explicitly ban political costumes and masks.

The most controversial costumes for 2011 for adults include zombie Osama bin Laden and other deceased pop culture icons, Charlie Sheen, politicians, and sexy adult costumes based on classic kids characters. These costumes, though considered funny Halloween costumes by many, raise questions of political correctness and overall sensitivity, especially when worn to the office or in the classroom. Despite this, some adults actually embrace the debates, criticism, and discussion that their Halloween costumes arouse. To them, a controversial Halloween costume is a platform to make a point.

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