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To help mark the start of autumn, Cheap Oil Painting has collated a list of top 5 autumn paintings that reflect the changes on the environment and the human condition.

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If you can take a photo of your favourite autumn location at your favourite time of year, our professional artists can turn it into your very own original masterpiece

The leaves are starting to change colour and the winter clothes make an appearance.

The air is less humid, drier and a chill is in the air.

Mother Nature has shaken herself out of her lazy summer slumber and ushered in autumn – so will the urban surroundings of the home or office reflect the beautiful seasonal change? Marketing Vice President Olivia Preston said autumn had a particularly strong significance in different cultures around the world.

“For many in North America, the season is one for pumpkins, candy and other Halloween festivities,” she said.

“But autumn is also associated with the large harvest, the idea of sustenance, fruitfulness, health and well being. Conversely, there’s always been a sense of melancholy associated with autumn as it seemingly halts the promises of summer with its foreboding coolness – it gets darker earlier, the skies are greyer and people start to stay indoors more and become more introverted. It’s a beautiful season to celebrate.”

To help mark the start of autumn, has collated a list of Top 5 Autumn paintings that reflect the changes on the environment and the human condition.

1.    Claude Monet, Autumn Effect at Argenteuil (1873). This Monet painting captures the essence of autumn amidst the trees and riverside undulations in the French countryside. The impressionist masterpiece captures the effect of the autumn light through deft touches of texture and colour. A viewer can literally feel the wind work its way through the trees. The work is noted as one of the first where Monet employed a pure rainbow palette and the effect is stunning.

2.    Wassily Kandinsky, Autumn in Bavaria (1908). Although at first glance one might struggle to discern precisely what season Kandinsky aims to portray, a second informed look will win over any viewer to the genius of his abstract expressionism. Through the masterful use of undefined colour and geometric constants, the father of Abstract Art is able to brightly communicate the essence of the season.

3.    Vincent van Gogh, Montmartre, Paris, Autumn (1886). Melancholy would be an apt word to surmise this Van Gogh painting. The artwork was finished just after the artist visited an exhibition of the Impressionists, and their influence can be seen in the grey autumn sky and the rendering of the auburn wood and grass. Van Gogh battled with depression throughout his life and the portrayal of two couples in a close embrace speaks to the human desire for company in the spiritual and physical realms of the season.

4.    Albert Bierstadt, On the Saco (1886). One glance at this Bierstadt masterpiece and the viewer immediately knows it is autumn portrayed in all its resplendent glory. The artist set out on his own through the isolated regions of Wyoming in search of the perfect nature landscapes, subsequently producing some of the finest Romantic images of North America. As with most paintings from this genre, humans are left out and replaced with cows to emphasise the purity of the scenery and the season.

5.    Jackson Pollock, Autumn Rhythm (Number 30) (1950). Pollock challenged the conventional in every way, and Mother Nature was not exempt from his scope. This Abstract Expressionist work of genius shows autumn lyrically dripped and poured over several square metres. Utilising layers of paint poured over a multifaceted linear skeleton, Pollock successfully interweaves black, brown, turquoise and white lines to recreate the sensations and rhythms of a most elusive subject: a season. The oil painting is truly reminiscent of nature in its horizontal orientation, sense of ground and space and colouring.

Increasing access to high quality digital cameras has also allowed more people to capture landscape photos, resulting in more demand for Cheapoilpainting’s photo to painting artworks.

Ms Preston said any favourite autumn scenes could now be reproduced as a genuine art on canvas oil painting. “If you can take a photo of your favourite autumn location at your favourite time of year, our professional artists can turn it into your very own original masterpiece worthy of becoming a family heirloom,” she said.

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