Exclusive Video Footage of California Independent System Operator’s State-of-the-Art Control Center Now Available

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See How the Non-Profit ISO Uses Geospatial Visualization and Analysis to Keep California’s Power Grid Running Reliably While Meeting Important Renewable Energy Goals

California ISO Control Center

Situational Intelligence is all about companies detecting a problem, understanding the origin of that problem, and then being able to act on the problem very quickly.

As California assumes the lead with the integration of the largest portfolio of renewable power in North America, the California Independent System Operator (ISO) is taking action to maintain grid reliability by equipping its new control center with the latest in geospatial visualization and analysis software. Today, Space-Time Insight is pleased to announce availability of broadcast-quality video footage that, for the first time, allows viewers inside the control center to witness how operators use the situational intelligence displays on an 80 ft. x 6.5 ft. video wall to save lives and money, and ensure a greener world.

Space-Time Insight is releasing four broadcast-quality videos:

  •     Maintaining Grid Reliability Using Geospatial Visualization and Analysis Software

“Situational Intelligence is all about companies detecting a problem, understanding the origin of that problem, and then being able to act on the problem very quickly.”
    Rob Schilling, CEO, Space-Time Insight

  •     Optimizing the Use of Renewable Energy Resources

“California has one of the most ambitious agendas for addressing climate change in the world. Because of its aggressive renewables standards, California’s integration of green power is really a rehearsal for America.”
    Steve Berberich, President and CEO, California ISO

  •     Minimizing the Impact of Fires on the Grid

“The new control center is considered one of the most sophisticated in North America. We have brought about satellite technology that we can display. Nobody else has that for fire detection.”
    James McIntosh, Director – Executive Operations Advisor, California ISO

  •     Managing Energy Costs With Nodal Market Pricing

“In 2009 [we] put in place locational marginal pricing. Previously, the California ISO had [to deal with only] three zones. Now we’ve moved up to 4,800 nodal prices. The benefit of having 4,800 prices is letting the consumer know what the price of electricity is.”
    Deborah Le Vine, Director – Systems Operations, California ISO

The video packages include:

  •     Energy industry and solution insights from:

o    Steve Berberich, President and CEO, California ISO
o    James McIntosh, Director – Executive Operations Advisor, California ISO
o    Deborah Le Vine, Director – Systems Operations, California ISO
o    Brian Murray, Real-Time Operations, California ISO
o    Rob Schilling, CEO, Space-Time Insight

  •     Wide and close-up shots of the 80 ft. video wall
  •     Wide and close-up shots of the situational intelligence software being used
  •     Action shots of ISO staff working at their desktop displays
  •     Panning shots of the entire ISO control room

See the video sample by clicking here. To download the complete, broadcast-quality versions of the videos or b-roll, contact Jill Hara at jhara(at)kickstartconsulting(dot)com.

The video segments are available now.

The California ISO, a non-profit grid reliability organization, was created to run the California grid as a result of the state opening its wholesale electricity market to competition. The ISO manages electricity flow across 80 percent of California’s power grid, delivering 289 million megawatt-hours annually across more than 25,000 circuit-miles of power lines. The Space-Time Insight geospatial software in use correlates and analyzes massive amounts of real-time data—including satellite imagery—related to weather, fires, natural disasters, energy demand and energy market pricing. Rich, colorful visual displays enable ISO operators to easily detect, understand and resolve problems quickly, all while maximizing the use of renewable resources throughout California, the world’s eighth largest economy.

In traditional control rooms, screens deliver one piece of information at a time. In the ISO’s advanced control center, the brilliant visual displays provide multiple layers of information from a variety of data sources, which ISO personnel liken to the leap from blurry x-rays to high-resolution MRIs. The tremendous improvement in using geospatial representation delivers not only greater data fidelity, but also intuitive visualization of complex situations and therefore the ability to make quicker decisions.

About Space-Time Insight
Space-Time Insight transforms the vast quantities of disparate information spreading across organizations, into intuitive visual displays that businesses can use to make informed real-time decisions. From traditional transmission, communications and transportation networks to Smart Grids and Cities, our next-generation situational intelligence solution is making critical infrastructure smarter, safer and more reliable. With Space-Time Insight, enterprises can visualize and analyze their resources across location and time, rapidly respond to disruptions in service, and lower risk while increasing customer satisfaction and profitability. Major organizations around the world rely on our high performance software to gain actionable insights into their businesses and make real-time operational decisions. Space-Time Insight’s partners include Accenture, Cisco, IBM, Oracle and SAP. Space-Time Insight is privately held and based in Fremont, CA. For more information, visit http://www.spacetimeinsight.com.

For more information, contact:
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