Real Estate Business Guide for Recommends - Taos Online Products of Taos, NM Announces that Jim Kimmons Recommends's Mobile Marketing

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Taos Online Products, a Taos, NM company, announced the Jim Kimmons, the Real Estate Business Guide writer for has recommended the mobile marketing suite for real estate professionals. His recommendation recognizes the combination of email, IM, text messaging and social media in one mobile marketing suite.

While real estate text messaging brings the buyer and listing agent together when the buyer is in front of the home and their interest is highest, it's the other features offered by that caught the attention of Jim Kimmons. Taos Online Products states that Jim discovered Trumpia in his research as a ghost writer for an Internet marketing book for the company. Find out more at

No more empty brochure boxes or routing of buyers to dead end websites on their mobile phones. When the buyer texts in the keyword on the sign rider, they immediately receive the details of the listing, such as bedrooms, baths, lot size and price. But, there's so much more with's integrated real estate mobile marketing solutions.

When this prospective buyer receives their first text response with listing details, they also receive a hot link to either a mobile website for this listing or an interior photo. They also get a hot link to the listing agent's cell phone that dials the agent when they tap it. But, this is just the beginning of a listing marketing system that brings buyer and agent together in ways never before possible.

Cell phones and smartphones are a way of life now, and texting has surpassed email in popularity for digital communication. The vast majority of cell phone users have unlimited text messaging plans. When a listing agent gives them the opportunity to find out more about a listing when they're driving by, they take advantage.

The marketing doesn't stop with that response text with listing details. This system allows the agent to create a system much like drip email, but with text messages. Several messages can be set up in advance to "drip" out to the prospect in minutes, hours or days as programmed. So, they first get the listing details, then they get more info and an invitation in the second text to respond to the agent with a question about the listing. They simply reply to the text.

Now, the most aggressive approach would be to call them right away, as the listing agent receives a notification of their text via text message and email as soon as they request the information. And, in this notification, the agent receives a hot link to their cell phone number, merely having to tap it to call them while they're sitting in front of the home. Or, a more subdued approach can be taken using the drip texting. The agent can have a second or third text sent minutes after the first offering their phone number and suggesting that the prospect tap it to call them with questions.

Short text messages, under 160 characters are SMS (Short Messaging Service), while longer messages that can send photos, more text up to 500 characters, and even video, are MMS, (Multimedia Messaging Service). The sharp agent will have an MMS go out perhaps the next day with a nice image of their business card and more info. Agents have found that they can use those 500 characters in an MMS to promote other listings they have in the area that the prospect may not have seen.

A hot link to virtually any website can be sent via real estate text messaging, including a link to a Google Map with other listings in the area mapped out. Or, there can also be a link to a mobile optimized web page with other listing details nearby. All of this process is totally automated once it's set up, so the listing agent merely sits back and waits for the leads to come in on their cell phone, allowing the system to follow up, and calling the prospect as well.

Oh, but there's more. When you have a price reduction or other change in the listing, the system has maintained a list of all prospects who have sent in the text for more info. It takes just a few minutes to craft a message about the price reduction, select the list for that listing, and everybody who's been in front of it now knows that the price has been reduced!

Jim Kimmons, the Real Estate Business Guide for , recommends this system for these reasons, but for a whole lot more marketing clout as well. The Trumpia system also includes email marketing, IM (Instant Messaging), automatic posting to Facebook and Twitter accounts, and unlimited QR Codes. It's the only marketing solution out there that ties all of these critical real estate marketing media together on one platform.

All of these reasons should be enough to generate excitement among real estate agents, but there's one more feature that's spurring them to action ... price. For as little as $25/month, all of these marketing tools can be in the real estate agent's marketing toolbox in minutes. Most agents and brokers are spending far more for a single black and white display add in the newspaper, and it's out of date when the next issue hits the streets.

This marketing solution is loaded with integrated services that catapult the real estate agent into the state-of-the-art world of real estate mobile marketing. Get all of the facts and example text messages at


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