Biology Resources and New Review on Gregor Mendel at Science Magazine

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The BioScience Magazine publishes a wide range of user-contributed biology resources ranging from Biochemistry to Zoology. It also compiles reviews on selected topics within the basic and applied life and earth sciences. The latest inclusion in this collection of reviews is one on Gregor Mendel.

Biology and Biota

Biology and Biota - BioScience Magazine

Biology is the scientific study of life and covers a wide range of individual disciplines. The Science Magazine currently contains 28,961 resources within individual categories including Biochemistry, Biota, Botany, Ecology, Genetics, and Zoology. The Biota section is the largest with 20,580 entries in flora which describes the kingdom of plants (Plantae) and fauna which describes that of animals (Animalia). Other organisms included in the Biota and organized according to a taxonomy tree of kingdoms are fungi (Fungi), bacteria (Monera), protists (Protista), and viruses (Vira, Viridae).

As the founder of the new science of genetics, Gregor Mendel has formed the foundation for classification of the biota which is the biology of organisms within the phylogenetic tree. The new Review on Gregor Mendel covers the basics of his profound insight into heredity but do also describe effects that do not follow the genetic rules postulated by him. Mendel described distinct hereditary units that remain unchanged by the environment, however, many others scholars argued that those characteristics could be very much affected by environmental circumstances. The latter are usually referred to as the inheritance of acquired characteristics or "soft" heredity. Nevertheless, the DNA double helix was the outcome of a multidisciplinary approach initiated in the mid 19th century by the genetic laws of Gregor Mendel and the discovery of the chemical nature of the desoxyribonucleic acid by Johann Friedrich Miesher. was initially launched in November 1998 as the online version of the French science magazine "Eurêka - Le magazine des sciences" published by Bayard since 1995. During the past decade, it has emerged as a comprehensive aggregator of websites and science references in biology, in the applied life sciences agriculture, horticulture and forestry, in the earth sciences, in the environmental sciences, and in the health sciences. During the end of 2010 it received ca. 40,000 page impressions per day but was republished after a change of ownership in early 2011.

The Science Magazine has recently been accredited by the Chinese Ministry of Information Industry with the registration number 案ICP备10204677号. The site delivers its content through a number of RSS feeds and an @EurekaMag Twitter account. The site accepts advertisements through the Google AdWords system. Potential advertisers may use for their advertising campaigns if their niche falls within the scope of the Science Magazine.


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