American Pearl Adds Multi View Feature to Website to Create Loupe Views

Share Article announces that its new “Multi View” feature will greatly enhance the consumer e-commerce shopping experience for jewelry., the internet’s largest source for the finest quality cultured pearls in the marketplace is excited to announce that its new “Multi View” feature will greatly enhance the consumer e-commerce shopping experience for jewelry; specifically pearl necklaces. The technology and feature will allow shoppers to view pearls similar to the up “up close and personal” way they would in person sitting down at a showcase in a jewelry store, giving them the opportunity to see the quality of the gems in a whole new light. In fact, using these high quality loupe-quality photographs consumers will now be able to grade the pearls that they are shopping for online by examining the magnified pictures for themselves, instead of relying on the opinion of others.

When consumers visit a jewelry store, they typically use a simple, small, hand-held magnification device used to see small details in jewelry more closely. Typically consumers search and hunt for blemishes on gemstones and pearls that, if found, can greatly reduce the value of a gem. This device, known as a monocular loupe, is used in jewelry to magnify gemstones and other jewelry that is under inspection. A 10x magnification is good to use for inspecting jewelry and pearls and is the Gemological Institute of America's standard for grading diamond clarity. The gems in question will sometimes be inspected at higher magnifications, although inclusions and blemishes must be visible at 10x to affect the grade. Most grading in the gem industry is a verbal description of what is seen under 10x magnification provided by a loupe; verifying why the loop is so important in the jewelry industry.

South Sea pearls are among the most coveted and rare pearls in the jewelry market. They are available in three main varieties; Black Tahitian Pearls from the waters around French Polynesia while White South Sea Pearls and Golden South Seas come from either Australia or Indonesia and other regions. Each strand purchased is expertly matched according to size, overtone, and quality.

Now, with the viewer, the customer is able see still photographs of the products as if they were sitting in a jewelers show room. The purpose of the “Multi View” feature is to replace the physical act of using a loupe, a small, hand-held magnifying glass used for up close viewing of gems, with photographs. Each strand has a series of photographs to ensure the customer knows exactly what they are purchasing before making their online purchase.

The Multi View Loupe is hoped to be applied to the other products on after the test run with the South Sea strands. Multi View will not only enhance the online shopping experience, but ultimately provide continued customer satisfaction and a further level of assurance and guarantee.


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