Writers, Consultants and Entrepreneurs Play and Make Money in the Digital World with Hughes BioPharma's New Social Site and Marketing E-book

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Love words? Want to make more money? Learn about the new social site for writers and wordies that's better than Twitter. Plus find out how one small business owner increased her income 300% with optimized marketing strategies in a new e-book, "Small Business Rocket Fuel". Both are new releases from Hughes BioPharma.

"This is a book I’ll keep going back to throughout my writing career.” Tarah Scott, romance author

Move over Twitter. There’s a new, free, social media site on the block. It’s called dudequote.me and is available at http://dudequote.me/. Besides this new, playful digital tool, Dr. Candice Hughes (http://www.linkedin.com/in/candicemhughes), author and Principal of Hughes BioPharma Advisers LLC (http://hughesbiopharma.com), offers her secrets for how she increased her income 300% with her small business in her new e-book, “Small Business Rocket Fuel: Marketing Tools to Boost Revenue” now available at Amazon (http://amzn.to/noOSr5) and Barnes and Noble (http://bit.ly/p550Na).

For writers and wordies, dudequote.me is a new toy in the sandbox and it’s totally free. Thriller and nonfiction writer, Dr. Candice Hughes (http://www.candicehughes.com), created the new social media site because as she said, “What makes famous people’s quotes better than mine? Maybe they’re not. Maybe we all have great quotes languishing in obscurity.” At this social media site, visitors can post their own quotes, rate other people’s quotes and share quotes. Each week, Dr. Hughes posts a new topic to get each visitor’s creative juices flowing. Recent topics included “Get Inspired” and “Courage.” Visitors have already posted quotes ranging from the quirky, “Reach for the stars. If you miss, you might still get to the moon” to the profound, “Learn to welcome adversity. It takes an irritant to create a pearl.” The site is moderated to weed out spam or offensive material so visitors will be sure to find a clean sandbox full of word toys every time they visit.

When writers are done playing with quotations and ready to get down to business, they can with Dr. Hughes’ new e-book, “Small Business Rocket Fuel: Marketing Tools to Boost Revenue.” “With the economy struggling many people are starting small businesses in writing, consulting and other areas out of necessity. Often they’ve never run a business before. Suddenly they have to get their business making money fast and they don’t know how. As an experienced business manager with MBA training, I felt I should help by sharing what I’d learned. I’d already presented some of the material at the national conference for the American Medical Writers Association, so the book was a natural extension of that,” said Dr. Hughes.

Writers have been enthusiastic about the e-book’s unique approach. For example, romance author, Tarah Scott, said, “I’ve noticed that moving from the art of writing a book to the mercenary world of marketing that same book isn't intuitive for most writers. For me ‘Small Business Rocket Fuel’ made this transition realistic from a writer’s perspective. The emphasis is on you, the author, as the commodity and not any single book. Worksheets show you how to lay out your marketing plan and the concepts are focused on long term success. This is a book I’ll keep going back to throughout my writing career.”

Dr. Hughes stresses the importance of an overall marketing plan because in the new economy even experienced small business owners and entrepreneurs are finding the rules have changed. Basic marketing strategies such as PR, advertising and price markdowns are still are effective. However, the world has gone digital and these strategies need to be included in any good marketing plan too. Yet is it really cost effective for every business to tweet, monitor LinkedIn or write daily posts on Facebook? While it seems almost like heresy nowadays to suggest this, the answer appears to be, “No.” Strategies and tactics need to be carefully chosen because small business owners have enormous demands on their time from many sources. Funds are limited. So owners need to carefully assess what makes sense for their specific business. For example, a business to business company will likely not find a large return from tweeting and so must weigh this against time and interest in making a decision on including Twitter in a marketing plan.

For those feeling the urge to play with words, visit dudequote.me and have fun with other wordies. For writers, consultants or entrepreneurs who want to boost their company’s revenue, Small Business Rocket Fuel is a good resource and the only way to learn these techniques since Dr. Hughes does not consult for small business owners (other than biotech and pharmaceutical companies).

Dr. Candice M. Hughes is Principal at Hughes BioPharma Advisers LLC, a marketing, strategy, innovation and medical writing consultancy for biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies.


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