Innovative Company Launches New Line of ECO Friendly Toys

Made in America with new technology that allows for renewable wood to be molded into ECO friendly toy vehicles! Each vehicle has a name and comes with its own imaginative story of an alternative fuel.

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Ginkgo, ECOmobiles' First Toy to be Launched

Through imaginative play, ECOmobiles teach children of alternative fuels and eco friendly materials.

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) October 22, 2011

ECOmobiles, Inc. is launching their new line of ECO friendly toy vehicles made from renewable, molded wood. ECO friendly, innovative, and sparking imaginative play; ECOmobiles' mission broadens children's minds by teaching about alternative fuel systems that replace oil and alternative materials that replace plastic.

Meet Ginkgo the race car, Tupelo the rocket and Quince the helicopter, three friends from a bright future of clean, green transportation. Whisked back to our present day, the trio is facing many adventures and challenges that children can help solve.

The renewable wood material used to make the toys is a waste component from the paper industry that would otherwise be disposed of. The toys are non-toxic, durable and biodegradable. But there's more. The ECOmobiles also come with a story, a story designed to fuel children's imaginations. The stories will unfold via ECOmobiles' packaging and exclusive interactive website, with games, puzzles and storylines.

Ultimately, ECOmobiles wants to create a dialogue with adults and their children that is inspiring, uplifting and educational.



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Quince the Helicopter Quince the Helicopter

Quince, the resue helicopter is sent back to the year 2012 to find Ginkgo and Tupelo. His soft, flexible blades are pretend powered by an overnight charge from super-efficient wind farms or hydro-electric power plants. But when he arrives, he can only fin

Tupelo the Rocket Tupelo the Rocket

Tupelo will enter the scene soon after Ginkgo, when she comes to find her friend in the year 2012. Her soft nose and tail cones safely soar through space and time to catch up with the racecar. However, Tupelo and Ginkgo run into some big problems finding