Money Morning Shows Occupy Wall Street What They Should Be Fighting For

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In a new “manifesto” for Money Morning, Shah Gilani shows Occupy Wall Street what their demands should be. As a former hedge fund manager and current advocate for “the other 99%”, Shah has the experience and the insight to cut through the propaganda and red tape of the financial crisis and deliver a list of 10 government and Wall Street fixes that will get America back on the road to prosperity. Shah’s solutions are simple, clear and fair, and readers can find all of them at Money

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In Shah’s Money Morning report, readers will find a point-by-point guide on how to tear down Wall Street and rebuild Main Street.

As Occupy Wall Street protests spread across the country, many may have been left asking, “What exactly should we be fighting for?”

Because let’s face it: Up until now, Washington and Wall Street haven’t been in a hurry to offer any solutions to the complaints voiced by protestors across America.

That’s where investment guru Shah Gilani comes in.

Gilani has worked on both sides of the velvet rope. As a former hedge fund manager who has helped investors make sizeable fortunes, Shah has a comprehensive understanding of the “behind the scenes” Wall Street.

But as an editor for Money Morning, he has worked tirelessly for those on Main Street… In article after article, he’s dissected the shady workings of Wall Street, uncovering how the greed of a few brought down the economy of the entire country.

And this has given him the perfect vantage point to uncover exactly what’s gone wrong… who’s to blame… and how to fix the problems.

In an inspiring “manifesto” to the Occupy Wall Street protestors, Shah lays down 10 directives Wall Street should immediately follow to solve the current financial quagmire America is now in.

His solutions are simple, clear and, most importantly, fair to all.

It comes down to this: If readers are…

·    Mad that Wall Street money has bought Congress.

·    Mad that there’s an oligarchy of banker puppeteers pulling the strings at the Fed.

·    Mad that Wall Street is hell-bent on turning the screws on fixed income investors.

·    Mad that the “too-big-to-fail” banks have become bigger bullies after being bailed out…

Then they should read this “manifesto” now.

In Shah’s Money Morning report, readers will find a point-by-point guide on how to tear down Wall Street and rebuild Main Street.

Readers will also learn what Occupy Wall Street should be fighting for – and how they can get through to Wall Street, even if the protestors can’t.

According to Shah, the Occupy Wall Street protests shouldn’t be about “the end of capitalism”. They should be about putting America back on the road to financial prosperity.

And that’s exactly what Shah’s new report for Money Morning gives readers: A road map to American prosperity.

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