Houston Plastic Surgeon Dr. Henry Mentz to Present Stem Cell Expertise at International Conference

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Award-Winning Surgeon and Facelift Expert Will Present Most Effective Methods to Collect and Use Stem Cells for for Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Fat Grafting Procedures

For Houston plastic surgeon and facelift expert Dr. Henry Mentz, stem-cell enriched fat grafting is a powerful component of a facial rejuvenation plan not only because it effectively replenishes lost facial volume, but also because stem cells may have the potential to improve the skin’s tone and texture. The award-winning surgeon will present the most effective methods to collect, separate, and use stem cells for cosmetic surgery procedures at an upcoming conference in Miami which will bring together medical and science professionals from across the globe.

Sponsored by the International Federation for Adipose Therapeutics and Science (IFATS), the conference provides a platform for members to discuss the various therapeutic and cosmetic applications for adipose (fat) tissue. Because of stem cells’ unique ability to regenerate themselves and repair damaged tissues, Dr. Mentz has been actively working with leading stem cell researchers to increase their concentration within fat grafts. Though no current evidence proves this benefit, some scientists and physicians believe the cells may help to rejuvenate surrounding tissues.

In the IFATS presentation, Dr. Mentz will discuss the use of a mechanical processing device which helps to isolate stem cells from fat that is removed during a liposuction procedure. In the procedure, fat is liposuctioned from areas where it is undesired such as the abdomen and thighs, and a special process is used to concentrate the stem cells to be used for the fat grafting treatment.

Dr. Mentz frequently uses fat grafting to fill in lines, wrinkles, and folds, and to restore volume to the cheeks, temples, and other areas of the face that have become lean and hollow. As part of the aging process, the face often becomes more gaunt due to an erosion in facial fat, which can cause sagging to increase, as well.

While cosmetic fillers can also be used to fill in wrinkles and restore volume, fat grafting has several advantages in addition to the potential benefit of being rich in stem cells. Because the fat comes from a person’s own body, there is little risk of an allergic reaction, and fat grafts can be long lasting, though their duration varies between individuals.

Dr. Mentz frequently performs fat grafting in conjunction with facelift surgery. While facelift surgery helps to correct the appearance of jowls and a sagging midface, the restoration of lost facial volume is an important component of a plan to restore a natural-appearing youthful and supple look to the face. Ignoring this aspect can lead to artificial-looking results and an overly taut facial appearance.

As the nation’s first triple board certified plastic surgeon and an author whose advanced facelift techniques have been featured in three chapters for plastic surgery textbooks, Dr. Henry Mentz is considered one of the nation’s foremost facelift experts. He has presented his innovative fat grafting and facial rejuvenation techniques to plastic surgeons at international, national, and state meetings.

In addition to using fat grafting for facial rejuvenation procedures, Dr. Mentz also performs the procedure to reshape the buttocks and give them a more lifted look as part of a Brazilian Butt Lift, a procedure which has become increasingly popular, in part, because of the trend-setting voluptuous backsides of celebrities Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian. Dr. Mentz developed a machine which allows him to inject a higher volume of fat in a greatly reduced amount of time than is possible with other traditional methods of fat grafting to the buttocks. At the conference, Dr. Mentz will present 250 Brazilian Butt Lift cases that he and his colleague, Houston plastic surgeon Dr. German Newall, performed using this innovative new process.

“The fact that we’re able to plump and round the buttocks so nicely really does give them a more lifted look so that it is often unnecessary for us to remove skin and use lifting techniques,” said Dr. Mentz.

In the fat grafting process, Dr. Mentz strategically layers lattices of the fat next to live tissue to enhance the survival rate of the grafts. "The fat grafting method I use creates a soft, rounded look that appears completely natural, said Dr. Mentz. “It’s a part of their bodies.”


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