Starks Battlefield 3 Guide Now Released - Best BF 3 Guide with the Best Strategies and Multiplayer Tactics To Improve Gameplay

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Battlefield 3 is the 11th installment of the Battlefield franchise, and lots of gamers are following this game. Starks Battlefield 3 Guide provides players the edge by having the best strategies and latest tactics in BF3.

Dice, a Sweding game developer, will be releasing their hit first-person shooter video game, Battlefield 3 or BF3. Electronic Arts will be publishing this game on Playstation 3, Windows, and Xbox 360. The downside is that Battlefield 3 is not supported in Windows prior to Vista. BF3 is already the 11th installment of this franchise.

Battlefield 3 will feature fighter jets and battles with 64 players on PC. There will be limited ground area for PS3 and Xbox 360 to address the lower player count for consoles. The game is set in Tehran, Paris, Sulaymaniyaj, New York, Sarajevo, Oman, and Wake Island. Combat will happen in open landscapes, urban streets, and metropolitan downtown areas, which are also good for vehicle combats.

Millions of gamers will be playing Battlefield 3, and a good BF3 guide has just been released. The name of this guide is Starks Battlefield 3 Guide with more information at The goal of Starks Guide is to provide players with useful strategies, tactics, and tips for them to excel in the game. Here's a list of what Starks Battlefield 3 guide addresses :

1. Beginners Guide
2. Class Guide
3. Weapons Guide
4. Multiplayer Strategy Guide
5. Campaign Walthrough

The creators of Starks Battlefield 3 Guide have extensive FPS gaming experience, and are very passionate video gamers. They have played and studied the BF3 Beta, and is constantly giving more strategies and tactics.

Each player in BF3 can choose to be an Assault, Engineer, Support, or Recon. Below are some description of each player's role :

1. Assault Class - They carry primary weapons and can also carry medkits and defibrillators. This means that they are now healers and can revive teammates. Fires from their weapons will also reduce the accuracy of the targets, since this will blur vision.

2. Engineer Class - They engage armored vehicles and tanks with rocket launchers or anti-tank mines. They can carry a flashflight, which can blind enemies.

3. Recon Class - They are good for long range combats, since they carry sniper rifles. They also have the capability to place radio beacons anywhere, then all the squad members can spawn on these locations.

4. Support Class - It's primary purpose is to be able to provide heavy fire using a LMG(Light Machine Gun), and also resupply ammunition to teammates. They can also carry lighter weapons.

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