Glass Recycled New Patented Process Turns Discarded Glass Into Eco-Friendly Kitchen Countertops

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Texas-based ‘Glass Recycled’ – a manufacturer of environmentally-friendly products that serve the construction and interior design industry – has patented a procedure that takes discarded glass items and turns them into stunning countertops, walls, flooring and décor items.

Texas-based ‘Glass Recycled’ – a manufacturer of environmentally-friendly products that serve the construction and interior design industry – has patented a procedure that takes discarded glass items and turns them into stunning kitchen countertops, walls, flooring and décor items.

This patented process entails using crushed glass in a variety of colors and sizes and mixing it with an epoxy that can be matched to any paint color. The result is a hard, durable surface that is both beautiful and environmentally-friendly. For many people, just the beauty of a sparkling glass floor or countertop is an inspiring experience. The products by Glass Recycled are incredibly beautiful and unique, but that is only part of the story. When choosing a recycled glass surface, you are contributing to ‘upcycling’ - the process of converting waste materials into new products of a higher environmental value.

The statistics of how many materials the human race wastes is staggering. And how much ends up in landfills – taking years to decompose. The average newspaper or paper product can take as little as four months depending on weather conditions. Plastic bottles take 450 years – that’s SIX generations - to return to the soil. Glass is perhaps one of the longest decomposing materials, taking one hundred million years! That means all the empty soda and beer bottles, jars, old mirrors, auto glass and porcelain will still be around a long, long time. And the piles continue to grow, leaving a massive negative footprint in landfills all around the world.

GlassPLANK is the company’s brand for recycled glass products used in flooring, stairs, walls and even ceilings. Unlike products that have to be ‘taken’ from the earth like granite and marble, GlassPLANK replenishes the earth while making a bold design statement. Also unlike other products that are only offered in colors and designs the earth creates, GlassPLANK products can be custom designed to size and match just about anything the imagination can conceive. With 13 standard crushed glass colors that each come in a number of size options – as well as mirror, mother of pearl and porcelain materials – any and all of these can be combined with a durable epoxy to match thousands of Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore colors – resulting in an infinite number of options for homeowners and interior designers to select from.

To help this process, the company has just unveiled a new showcase on its website where designers can actually view color choices of glass and epoxy colors and create their own custom design – which is then created into a personal sample piece at the Glass Recycled manufacturing plant and shipped to the designer, who can then actually touch and feel the final product before making a final decision.

GlassPLANK is available in a variety of sizes and since the product is all custom-produced, virtually any area can be specified to use the product. GlassPLANK already graces hundreds of luxury homes, restaurants, and businesses including banks, office buildings, schools and more.

Cost-effective GlassPLANK is created by Terrazzo-style artisans in a number of standard and custom sizes. It installs and is cleaned similar to other hard surface flooring, and does not require sealing or waxing. It is also similar in durability and life spans to other options, but lets you make an artistic and environmental statement.

In addition to GlassPLANK, the firm has created three additional sub-brands including GlassSLAB for kitchen countertops, GlassDÉCOR that can be transformed into uniquely designed interior products such as table tops, glass panels, ceiling tiles and other imaginable applications and GlassSCAPE – which is loose, bagged recycled glass and porcelain aggregate product that can be used as a permanent and beautiful alternative to groundcover, mulch or used in fountain and aquariums.

To find out more about this cutting-edge product – which is marketed and fabricated in the Dallas-Fort Worth area of Texas and shipped internationally as needed, visit, phone 888.523.7894 or contact glassrecycled(at)gmail(dot)com.

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