Dime Novel Publishing Announces First Book, Gertrude's Broken Wand, in Exciting New Middle-Reader Chapter-Book Fantasy Series, Marmalade

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Rebecca and her twin brother Dillon have fallen into the land of "here" and Rebecca has broken the witch's wand. Now she must brave spooky forests, terrible ogres, frightening werewolves, and a land cursed with perpetual Halloween to get the wand fixed and back to Gertrude the Witch before sunset...or everything will disappear forever.

I loved that my kids begged for more when we stopped for the night. My kids sighed and said “Awe mom!” They wanted me to keep reading. There are not many books that keep my kids asking for more but this is one of them!

Dime Novel Publishing (http://www.dimenovelpublishing.com) is excited to announce the first book in a brand new middle-reader chapter series, Marmalade. The book, Gertrude’s Broken Wand, is targeted at 7-10 year olds but has wide appeal to older age groups and even adults. Gertrude’s Broken Wand and the Marmalade series also signify the first efforts under the new Dime Novel Publishing business model that focuses on publishing only syndicated book series.

“Based on initial reviews by bloggers, kids, parents, and teachers, we feel that Gertrude’s Broken Wand, and more importantly the Marmalade series will entrance readers of all ages,” says Jason Thibeault, founder of Dime Novel Publishing and author of the Marmalade series. “It’s written in the same style as successful series such as Goosebumps, Wayside Schools, and the Dragon Slayer Academy making it challenging for burgeoning readers while being engaging and exciting enough to entertain older readers and adults.”

Below is a synopsis of Gertrude’s Broken Wand, the first book in the Marmalade series:

On an otherwise normal 4th grade school field trip, Rebecca gets separated from her classmates while trying to find the bathroom. But when she slips in the dark and falls down a hole, she ends up in the land of here, an enchanted kingdom that is suffering from a powerful curse…everyday is Halloween. But it’s not costumed trick-or-treaters that roam the land nor is it candy they want. Ghosts, ghouls, werewolves, skeletons and a host of other baddies, eager for a taste of warm flesh, have turned the once beautiful land into a spooky landscape. Unfortunately, Rebecca’s problems have only just begun for when she landed in here she also landed on Gertrude, the kingdom’s witch, breaking her wand and the one chance to lift the curse. Now Rebecca must get Gertrude’s wand fixed, avoid getting eaten (or worse), and find a way home all before the sun sets. Because here needs a real name or it, and everything inside, will cease to exist forever.

Initial reviews have been extremely positive from both adults and kids. Below are some excerpts from actual readers as well as URLs to various reviews:

"As a reader you will not be able to put the book down til the last page has been read and you will be waiting on pins and needles for the next one!"

"I can’t wait to read more books in this series! Way to go Mr. Thibeault on creating a book that has the potential of becoming a classic." (http://motherofinsanityarewecrazyyet.blogspot.com/2011/10/book-review-marmalade-gertrudes-broken.html)

"I loved that my kids begged for more when we stopped for the night. My kids sighed and said “Awe mom!” They wanted me to keep reading. There are not many books that keep my kids asking for more but this is one of them!" (http://mompointofview.blogspot.com/2011/10/gertrudes-broken-wand-review-and.html)

[From the point-of-view of a 10-year old] "Gertrude’s broken wand was the best book I ever read. It was about twins who get lost in this mystical world. The girl winds up in the world called here. While there she breaks her magical wand and has to go on an adventure to fix the wand...This book was very good and I hope this review inspires you to read it..." (http://punkrockmomma.com/marmalade)

"This new book was just released on 10/22 and I had the privilege of getting a signed copy to preview and review with my son and my nephew. My son is in 1st grade and my nephew is in 4th. My nephew had no problem breezing through the book chapter by chapter and was very engaged when doing so. My son could do some of the reading, but preferred me to read the story to him. Both of the boys enjoyed the plot line of the book."(http://dealhuntingdiva.com/2011/10/24/gertrudes-broken-wand-book-review-giveaway/#ixzz1blhk8DtT)

"Jason Thibeault, the author of Gertrude's Broken Wand, has started what I believe to be a new reading sensation among young readers. I know I can't wait to read book two!"(http://www.lynchburgcouponmama.com/2011/10/book-review-gertrudes-broken-wand.html)

Gertrude’s Broken Wand retails for $2.99 in electronic format (ISBN: 978-1-935893-27-1) for the iPad, Amazon Kindle, and Barnes and Noble Nook. A print version (ISBN: 978-1-935893-26-4) is also available for $5.99 from Amazon.

“We believe we are laying the groundwork for the success of Dime Novel Publishing with Marmalade,” says Jason. “Our goal is still to publish engaging, unique, and exciting serialized storylines for young adult readers. Marmalade is our flagship with many more multi-book series in the works.”

Jason is available for readings, speaking events, and other author-related activities around the Marmalade series. Teaching/reading aids are available from the Dime Novel Publishing website and discounted copies are available to educators upon request.

About Dime Novel Publishing
Dime Novel Publishing was founded to bring the Dime Novel to the e-book generation. The focus is to publish unique, serialized book series for young adult, children, and teen readers. All books are made available electronically and in print. Dime Novel Publishing also offers a suite of publishing services. Dime Novel Publishing authors retain up to 70% of book royalties. For more information, contact Dime Novel Publishing at 480-399-2037 or at http://www.dimenovelpublishing.com.

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