Cvlynk Announces New Service That Radically Simplifies Profile and Résumé Sharing

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Cvlynk Leverages The Power Of Personal Indexes And Provides One Step Connection To A Current Profile, Resume, Corporate Bio Or Personal Brand, a web site that simplifies the process of finding and sharing professional profiles, announced today that it has released its one-step connection service to the public. Cvlynk uses patent pending connection methodology, coupled with Personal Digital Indexes™ and gives individuals a powerful new tool to manage their personal profiles.

Every day, millions of professionals around the world look up the backgrounds of people they want to partner with, hire or just know more about. For example, an executive wants details on a new colleague…a recruiter searches for the current qualifications of a candidate he met last year at a networking event . . . or a small business owner tries to find the portfolio of a web developer who was recommended to her by a friend . . . or a contractor broadcasts her latest skills and availability on a job board.

Many Location Choices For Primary Profile

These searches have become increasingly complicated and time-consuming. A search on a new colleague may turn up five similar names. Googling a web developer returns three different portfolios in different locations with conflicting indications as to which one is the most current. A hiring manager fires off a series of emails and phone calls to follow up with a candidate, only to discover she is no longer available.

Cvlynk Answers The Question: Where Is Best Place To Find You Online?

Cvlynk radically simplifies all of these processes with its centralized connection hub, which allows anyone to access a personal brand and availability status of a person simply by entering the associated mobile number, Twitter ID or email address. Cvlynk enables hiring agents, potential employers, executives, journalists and others to bypass the cumbersome process of search and navigation to reach a current profile, regardless of where it is stored.

How It Works

An individual goes to and decides what indexes to use. He enters his email address and/or mobile number and/or Twitter ID into the system, and then points selected indexes to a profile of his choosing. This could be his résumé, his profile on LinkedIn, a bio on a corporate site, or a personal branding site. For security, Cvlynk does not pre-load any data – users keep full control of what indexes are active and where they point.

Users Have Master Switch

Once configured, profile owners can change the location of their personal profile at any time without having to notify anyone in their ecosystem. This feature allows greater flexibility and control than sharing and correcting static web addresses.

For instance, a CEO on a road show tour can redirect his indexes to an online presentation of a broadcast interview, and then reestablish his original profile connection after the news window has passed. Or, an executive looking for a new position can move a primary profile from LinkedIn to a personal brand page without fear of losing an intended audience.
Cvlynk enables individuals to keep their profile on whatever network best serves their interests, while maintaining a consistent and direct mechanism for accessing their most current information.

Business Card Power

Most employers do not allow personal links on business cards. As a result, people frequently resort to writing their personal web addresses on the back of their card. With Cvlynk, the mobile number and email addresses that are already present on business cards serve to simplify the process of communicating profile location.

Enhances Networking

At networking events, presentations, seminars and other events, we collect business cards, which we plan to use in later searches to review background. Using Cvlynk, you can quickly obtain details from business cards, even during a coffee break. “To me, this is a high impact use of the system”, said Raymond Kasbarian, CEO of Cvlynk. “Being able to reach a profile in one-step from information on a business card or on a job networking card, enhances networking because you can quickly learn about someone that might be a potential candidate or partner.”

Immediate Value for Job Seekers

Job Seekers can put Cvlynk to work for themselves immediately, by using it to support their job search efforts. In response to a job offering, they can send out an email, a Tweet or a text message with a brief outline of their qualifications and indicate that a detailed résumé can be found via Cvlynk. And, during job fairs this brief outline, added to a business card can be given out to recruiters so that there is no need to carry a stack of printed resumes. Cvlynk provides job seekers with the following benefits:

  •     Enables candidates to post their resume anywhere on the web in any format
  •     Provides accessibility to that résumé or profile via personal indexes
  •     Ensures portability of an individual’s personal brand during a job search
  •     Provides a simple process for indicating job status and availability
  •     Brings instant value to Twitter job searching with one-step link to full profile

Supports Recruiting

Recruiters save time and effort by making a one-step connection to a candidate’s most current profile or résumé. When recruiters get a reference, or an email, or a Tweet, they can reach the associated detailed profile in one-step. Cvlynk provides the following features and benefits to recruiters throughout the job search process.

  •     Makes a direct connection to a current resume in one step
  •     Displays current job availability status
  •     Provides a real-time message feature for verifying a candidate’s status
  •     Saves time by eliminating candidates who have taken a job
  •     Facilitates connections in any language on any job board
  •     Avoids cumbersome navigation efforts when searching by name
  •     Connects always to current profile, even if location changes

Availability Status Indicator Helps Job Seekers and Recruiters Alike

A candidate’s availability status, especially in a turbulent labor market, can change frequently. For recruiters and hiring managers, Cvlynk displays individual’s job availability and a message feature that can request an update in real-time. In addition to providing value to recruiters, this process also pays dividends to job seekers, both before and after they have secured a job. During the job search, candidates can indicate their availability, either for full-time or part time work. And once a candidate has secured a job, the status indicator signals to recruiters and hiring managers that they are no longer on the market and thus avoids unwanted calls.

Staffing Firms Agree

“By having our candidates register on Cvlynk, we can shave thirty percent off the time we spend locating and verifying current résumés and checking job availability,” said Alin Popescu, CEO of 11th Hour Search, a top recruiting firm in Washington DC. “Cvlynk saves us from the frustrating and time consuming experience of chasing down unavailable candidates. When our clients need staff, the sooner we present candidates who are qualified and available, the better. Now, with Cvlynk, we just enter a candidate’s mobile number, e-mail address or Twitter ID, and we instantly know where we stand. This is huge for the recruiting industry.”


Founded in 2011 and headquartered in Palo Alto, California, Cvlynk provides a direct connect communications platform for personal brands and their customers. Cvlynk does not build résumés. It does not have any job offerings, nor is it a job board. Cvlynk collaborates with recruiters and brand builders in order to provide simplified access and visibility to personal profiles. The Company is developing many additional applications that will be built around the breakthrough patent pending one-step connection methodology.


Barbara Bernard, Director Marketing


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