Christian Group Takes an 'Unwelcomed' Stand at the Occupy Wall Street Protests in New York City

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Go Stand Speak Ministries, offers the Occupy Wall Street Protesters a not so well received solution to our nations woes and economic problems.

Occupy Wall Street Protester Confronts Preacher

Occupy Wall Street Protester Confronts Preacher

Go Stand Speak Ministries, a Christian evangelistic preaching ministry, has taken aim at the Occupy Wall Street protests proclaiming and offering a slightly different solution to our nation's fiscal, governmental and moral woes: the Bible's laws, principles of economy, government and salvation.

"The ideas and solutions of the Occupy Wall Street movement have consequences. Unless they become biblical solutions, this movement will come to naught, regardless of how much attention it gets. More entitlements, taking from the rich and giving to the poor, bigger government and other socialist concepts, are not biblical solutions. God's standards must be the foundation for all solutions if they are to succeed," said Pat Necerato, Overseer of Go Stand Speak Ministries.

On the surface, one would think this sort of message would not be well received. (One preacher was physically attacked but not harmed.) However, even though there is much opposition, and at times, hostility, the message seems to be resonating with some of the protesters.

Necerato adds, "Much of the problems we have are 'symptoms' of a deeper problem-we have turned from God as a whole in this nation. In the Bible, when abortion, homosexual marriage, fiscal dishonest and other related sins become prevalent in a nation, God lifts His blessing. As a result, you get the problems we see in our country. It starts with the individual- from the bottom up; not from the top down with the government."

The ministry group intends on making a presence at the protests while it lasts with the hopes of showing biblical solutions amidst the often incoherent and sometimes conflicting messages scattered among the protesters.

"Some of the teachings of Jesus Christ are being taken out of context by the protesters. For instance, "Jesus told us to help the poor" and the communal aspect of the first century Christians (Acts chapter 2) are often used by the protesters as support for the communistic/socialist tendencies of the movement. Jesus and the Apostles were speaking about personal dealings among individuals, not governmental mandated or controlled wealth/property redistribution. The first century Christians gave from their heart, not because they were forced by the government," continues Necerato, the overseer of the ministry.    

In addition to public preaching (which included protesting at the NY Gay Marriage Legalization Cermonies, which took place this past June,) Go Stand Speak Ministries produces documentary films and other resources related to evangelism, public preaching and Christian activism.

To view a highlight video of the recent preaching at Occupy Wall Street NYC, go to this website here.

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About Go Stand Speak Ministries:
Go Stand Speak Ministries is dedicated to equipping Christians through film making, teaching, evangelism and biblical activism. It's focus is to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ in all areas of life and to restore the Christian values and biblical standards our country was built upon. For more information and a list films/resources, go to

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