Apex Block™ Stands Up To Mother Nature

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Recently released test data approves APEX Block™ wall formations to withstand wind speeds up to 250 mph, the same wind speed characteristics as an EF5 Tornado or Category 4 Hurricane.

It is common knowledge that tornadoes can destroy everything in their path, leaving only devastation behind. Homes are reduced to nothing more than derelict shards of wood, communities in destitution and hope left detached. Every year tornadoes touchdown in US cities forcing straining communities to further exhaust their resources in their efforts to rebuild and hope that they aren’t hit again the following year.

Why not rebuild homes or add a storm shelter that didn’t have to be rebuilt if another tornado did hit? Now communities can and it’s easier than we ever thought possible! Engineered to be aggressively stronger and more energy efficient than traditional building methods, APEX Block™ could very well be the wall that gives homeowners the ability to finally stand up against mother nature.

Recently released test data by APEX Block™ shows their wall formations are able to withstand wind speeds up to 250 mph, the same wind speed characteristics as an EF5 Tornado or Category 4 Hurricane. APEX Block™ storm shelters are constructed using the same multi-patented, energy-saving, APEX Blocks™ used to build homes.

Offering a storm shelter that can withstand the forces of tornadoes like the ones that recently ripped through Joplin, Missouri and Guthrie, Oklahoma seems almost fairytale when presented with pictures of these disasters but is now as real as the tornadoes themselves. APEX Block™ will soon offer Storm Shelter Kits through Lowe’s® home improvement stores making the “Do It Yourselfer” into the family hero. Any APEX Block™ home can be easily modified to add a storm shelter for approximately $800. The storm shelter can also be incorporated into traditionally built homes or constructed independent from the resident.

The motivating factor in developing a building product that produces homes and storm shelters with the strength to withstand nature’s fury came after the President & CEO of APEX Block™, Dale R. Siens, witnessed first-hand the destruction left behind by a tornado in Texas. “After seeing so many left without, knowing so many families would spend the night without a roof over their head… I knew there had to be a better way to protect them” says Siens.

An intriguing building material that is gaining popularity very rapidly, APEX Block™ provides consumers with materials that harness a buffet of benefits! Packaged along with the approved wind strength of 250 mph is a seismic rating of 8.5 and a fire resistance rating of 3 hours. When natural disasters strike, homebuilders/owners now have an option to build with a material far stronger than wood.

“When people build a home using APEX Block™ they will experience the security in knowing they are safe from disasters like tornadoes. If Dorothy & Toto had an APEX Block™ home there would have never been a Wizard of Oz because they never would have left Kansas” says Siens. In the face of disaster, when your back is against the wall, make certain it’s made of APEX Block™.

APEX Block™ is a revolutionary energy saving building product that provides protection against flood, fire, high winds, earthquakes and infestation. Unlike other Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs), APEX Block™ fits together in a Keystone Interlocking System™ and eliminates the time and cost of expensive bracing and connection methods. By simplifying the construction process one is able to Build Smart, Build Faster and Build Greener. APEX Block™ can be utilized in consumer DIY projects, rehabilitation construction, residential construction and commercial construction. For more information, ApexBlock.com.


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