From Bris to Broadway, Buddy Drew – The Musical Is Baby Stepping Its Way to the Great White Way One Friend, Tweet and Connection at a Time

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maXam Production Group announces Buddy Drew – The Musical can now be found on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Buddy Drew - The Musical tells the story of a black kid from Harlem being raised by his white, Jewish mother in Brooklyn

Buddy Drew and his mom, Rhoda

Momma told me I was a wanted child and that it was necessary for me to be born.

maXam Production Group announces that in his first few days of life, Buddy Drew – The Musical has joined the world of social networking and can be found on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Fans of the musical will be able to follow the show's progress all the way to Broadway. “We’d like to build a fan base on the internet and get people excited about the show,” according to Director of Social Media Director, Alexander Lowell, President and CEO Edge Efficiency (, “So that when it comes time for Buddy Drew – The Musical to make the move to Broadway, we’ve already got people waiting to get their tickets.”

And want tickets they will, Buddy Drew – The Musical features a rock score by DC based composer Adam B. Levowitz ( and book filled with wit and charm by and Houston based playwright Ashley Whitrock. This modern day Gilbert and Sullivan collaborating from different time zones, but unlike the infamous hate/hate relationship of the 19th century between G & S, L & W are good friends who have collaborated on a variety of projects including “Here’s Looking At You, Kid”, a not-yet-produced musicalization of the classic film Casablanca. And yes, the two dared to replace “As Time Goes By” with their own modern day classic with the title song.

The producers of the Buddy Drew – The Musical will bring the show to ife February 24 & 25 at the Soundry in Vienna, Va ( Get your tickets now as this is an intimate affair with only 50 seats available for each night. Those that are lucky enough to be in attendance will have the opportunity to provide feedback after each performance with an open ended Q & A session with the cast and crew.

To reserve your spot email tickets(at)buddydrew(dot)com.

Based on the real life story of Drew Brown III, Buddy Drew – The Musical is a coming-of-age tale about a black kid from Harlem raised by his white, Jewish grandparents in Brighton Beach right smack dab in the middle of the prize fight known as the Civil Rights Movement. His black father, Bundini Brown, a street hustler from Harlem and also the corner man for the heavyweight champion of the world Muhammad Ali, married Rhoda Palestine, a nice Jewish girl from Brooklyn who reveled in the sights and sounds of the Harlem nightlife that Bundini reigned over. Together they made history and Drew Brown III. The three of them - Bundini, Rhoda and Buddy Drew - form a dysfunctional yet poignant love triangle with Bundini at the apex. And according to Buddy Drew, “to be loved by Bundini was like an addiction. Once you had it, you wanted it all to yourself. “

Growing up with a life as shaky as a yarmulke on an Afro, Buddy Drew must contend with an absentee father who spent the better part of his life fostering the career, affection and respect of his “other” son, Muhammad Ali. Buddy Drew finds himself sparing with the world’s greatest boxer for the love of Bundini. Like many father/son, love/hate relationships, Buddy Drew searches for his own identity and when is finally able to forgive, though he can never forget, fulfills his destiny prophesied at his own Bar Mitzvah speech and himself
becomes a Real Drew. And today he is a man.

On August 8, 2012, Buddy Drew – The Musical will be presented in concert-version at the Harris Pavilion in Manassas, Va. ( as part of that organization’s outdoor summer concert series. For the remainder of 2012 and into 2013 the musical will undergo
rewrites as needed gearing up for a 12 week run in the theater district of Houston, Texas and/or Philadelphia and from there, if Buddy Drew – The Man OR Musical has his way (and he always does)… BROADWAY.

This is not a Jewish musical like Fiddler on the Roof, or a black musical like The Wiz, but an American musical because as Buddy Drew will tell you: "I am not an African American! I am not an African American! I am not an African American! I am an American who happens to be black and Jewish and I keep Kosher and I eat pork rinds."


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