Christian Art of Candis Kloverstrom Illustrates Salvation

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Artistic Impact Publishing, Christian Art of Candis Kloverstrom illustrates salvation. Her artwork, “Salvation”, answers the question, ‘What is salvation?’ is now available at through giclee canvas reproductions.

Artistic Impact Publishing, Christian Art, Candis Kloverstrom


The object of faith is Jesus Christ and it involves a personal commitment.

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Artistic Impact Publishing, the Christian Art of Candis Kloverstrom illustrates her belief faith is a relationship with God that creates eternal hope. She is releasing the publication of her latest artwork, “Salvation.” This is an acrylic painting inspired by her recent trip to Israel depicting God’s plan of salvation from John 3:16 in the Bible. Her artwork “Salvation” is now available at through giclee canvas reproductions.

The feature article by Roderick C. Meredith for Tomorrow’ states, “Millions do not understand their need for salvation. Sadly, many who believe they are "saved" are not even Christian! Are you learning the truth about salvation—and acting on it? You need to be sure!”

Kloverstrom’s latest artwork “Salvation” is about John 3:16-17 quoting Jesus on salvation, “For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.”

It goes on to state, “For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved.”

Promise Land Voyage Inspires “Salvation”
Her recent pilgrimage to Israel Kloverstrom she visited from the Northern border with Jordan and Golan Heights to the Dead Sea. It was connecting to Jesus background that spawned her work “Salvation.” She states, “Everywhere the eye sees, historical artifacts verify the validity of the Bible. Standing on stones Jesus stood connected me to not only Jesus as God but to the man Jesus.”

Kloverstrom witnessed many beliefs that went from total denial of Jesus to various shades of who people think He is. She states, “The scroll represents the word of God and without infilling of Jesus Spirit that accompanies salvation there are only partial truths of the gospel.”

Keith A. Mattison on Stegokitty’s Channel states, "The object of faith is Christ Himself, not only a creed or a promise. Faith therefore involves personal commitment to Christ. In other words all true believers follow Jesus.”

He also says, “The object of saving faith in the general sense is the entire word of God. All of which testifies of Jesus. Second, the object of saving faith is specifically is the person and work of Jesus Christ our Lord."

Christian Art of Candis Kloverstrom
The past twenty years Kloverstrom worked with relationship dynamics through brand development, design, and illustration. Creating work that connects to target audience needs makes a difference. It is that connection in her work that makes a difference today.

A blog by a member of the Community Christian Church in Miami, Florida states, “Let's make the world a better place!” We hear this slogan so often. But with the bad shape this world is constantly in, words just aren't enough.”

He went on to say about God, “He doesn't care what you look like, where you come from or where you've been. He took me in like an adopted orphan. Like a heavenly Father he called me his own child. Salvation was right under my nose the whole time! All I had to do was confess my wrongs with my mouth and believe that Jesus died for a sinner like me in my heart. I was set free! My world is a better place because I have Jesus in it today. Heaven isn't so far away after all!”

Artistic Impact Publishing, LLC, published works such as “Denver Men in the Kitchen,” featuring men such as Governor John Hickenlooper, MIX 100 anchor-man Dom Testa, and Denver Business Journal President Scott Bemis. This book went beyond the business suites into personal lives creating an accurate picture of today’s successful Denver guy.

Today Artistic Impact Publishing creates Christian Art and materials to edify and encourage the body of Christ in their endeavor to live out their faith. Reaching the lost is a mainstay of the Christian faith where God’s love is the magic ingredient that changes lives.


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