"Working Endless Hours is Not the Way Out of Today’s Recession" Warns Independent Restaurant Marketing Coach Edmund Woo

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Many independent restaurateurs are drastically increasing the time they spend at their restaurants hoping to rescue their business. Despite the lure of potentially saving labor expense and knowing “things are being done their way”, Edmund Woo, restaurant marketing coach and author of “The 5 Hour Restaurant Work Week: Work Less, Make More and Have a Life, too”, believes independent restaurants need to carefully consider three factors before continuing on this self-destructive path.

The lengthy recession is taking its toil on independent restaurant owners. While customers are eating out less, food and beverage costs have continued to rise. Thisprofit crunch has led many independent restaurateurs to drastically increasing the time they spend at their restaurants.

What do independent restaurateurs hope to gain by adding ten, twenty or more hours to an already overlong work week? On a measurable level, an independent restaurateur can save labor dollars by replacing an employee. On a more immeasurable level, the independent restaurateur may think the reason business isn’t good is because “things aren’t done exactly the way they should.” They believe they can insure “things are done their way” and therefore improve their business.

Restaurant Marketing coach and author of “The 5 Hour Restaurant Work Week: Work Less, make More and Have a Life, too,” Edmund Woo, says, “While at first glance, this seems to make sense, a restaurateur must consider three factors or they will get destroyed by this cost savings tactic!”

The three factors are:

1. While working a line position will save some labor dollars, if the Independent Restaurateur focuses the same time on marketing his restaurant, the profits realized will far surpass the labor cost savings;

2. If the independent Restaurateur spends all their time at the restaurant, they sacrifice time for family and personal life , which quickly takes a toil on their health and their long-term productivity along with their family relationships;

3. Finally, if the Independent Restaurateur instead focuses on building systems for every facet of his restaurant business including marketing, food and labor cost, restaurant service and hospitality, they can build the business and make more money while spending less time at the restaurant.

Edmund concludes that, “If an independent restaurateur considers each of these three factors carefully, they will find out the way to not just survive, but thrive in these recessionary times is not to work more hours, but, instead to build systems that will produce consistent great guest experiences with or without the owner having to be at the restaurant!”

Edmund Woo’s mission is to educate Independent Restaurateurs that they can work less, make more and have a life, too in the restaurant business. He dispenses free business-building advice for independent restaurateurs through his online blog, http://5hourrestaurantmarketing.com/. The free service details Edmund Woo’s researched and refined restaurant marketing plan proven to get new restaurant customers. Edmund Woo’s blog is becoming a weekly diet to help independent restaurateurs avoid starvation and cultivate growth.

Besides his restaurant specific marketing blog, Edmund Woo offers a free audio Report called, "Independent Restaurant Marketing and Work Less Hours Secrets" a glimpse of what his 5 Hour Restaurant Work Week System offers at http://www.independentrestaurantmarketing.net.

Edmund is available for interviews at: 864 363 6644


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