Diamond Donna Root Helps 300 Small Business Owners to Thrive in the New Economy

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Executive coach, speaker, peak performance consultant and author of Getting Past You, Diamond Donna Root, teaches her Thriving in the New Economy Tools to Business Executives

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Diamond Donna Root

"Simple alignment on an executive level, a focus of my Thriving in the New Economy program, shifts everything for a company, alignment to an experience economy in a global commoditized business environment is essential,” said Diamond Donna Root.

Diamond Donna Root, founder and CEO of Getting Past You, today announced her Thriving in the New Economy coaching and consulting was successfully presented to 300+ small business owners at the Grand America Hotel Ballroom in Salt Lake City, Utah this week.

300+ small business owners from all over the nation gathered Friday and Saturday to learn the keys to building success from one of the country’s leading authorities on business development, corporate alignment and peak performance. Diamond Donna Root was honored to speak about how to be proactive in spite of the current economic crisis.

The Thriving in the New Economy Training teaches 300+ small business executives how implement and execute corporate alignment in the new economy. It is imperative for executives and companies to understand that we are in an experience economy. The creation of a culture that has the ability to execute effectively is imperative for small business today.

Diamond Donna Root teaches executives and companies how to be proactive to the global shifts that have changed business as usual, how to be proactive with technology and the resources available that make a huge difference to the profitability and bottom line for small and medium sized businesses and executives.

“Often the biggest hurdle is getting the executive team to see that although they have goals that are measurable and actionable, they are often not meaningful, relevant or aligned to the current global trends,” said Diamond Donna Root. “Simple alignment on an executive level, a focus of my coaching program, shifts everything for a company, alignment to an experience economy in a global commoditized business environment is essential.”

According to George Ross, Executive Vice President and Senior Counsel for The Trump Organization, and professor at New York University, as stated in an interview with Donna Root,
“I so appreciate what Donna Root is trying to accomplish. Her program is so very important. If you can touch a nerve that can get someone out of lethargy and help people and executives to adapt you are doing great things,” said George Ross. “Helping individuals and companies adapt is so imperative, a global perspective is imperative. The old is out and there is a new way of thinking, you must be on the cutting edge in order to be successful.”

According to George Ross, executives and individuals who lack the understanding or ability to use new technology available or the social platforms today are at a severe disadvantage. He suggests that in a changing economy and a changing world creative thinking is imperative, versus business as usual.

“What Donna Root is doing is extremely important and vital because the business world today is entirely different than it was just a few years ago,” said Ross. Being aligned to as an executive team and a business means you are not guessing, because we are in a changing economy and a changing world we need to understand what is actually going on in our markets not our skewed perception of what is happening.”

In an interview with Donna Root, Ross continues, have to think different to survive, if they can innovate themselves, their products, their services in this type of economy you they can be very successful when the environment changes, and of course it will change,” said George Ross. “Successful executives today are more in tune with an overall balance in their lives, unless there is balance there is not true success today. Business and executives have to be much more integrated with what’s going on in the world and society than ever before.”

Donna Root’s Thriving in the New Economy program teaches executives, individuals, and companies the skill sets they need to re-focus with the emotional, mental and holistic mindset they need to shift and thrive in this new economy. Many companies and many executives are in survival mode they do not need to be motivated today, the time for motivation has passed, what is required today is transformation, people need a system to follow a road map to help them recreate themselves and that is best done through the corporate alignment skills taught by Diamond Donna Root for over 15 years.

Donna Root is one of the nation’s leading authorities in understanding and stimulating human maximum performance and potential. As an author, speaker, business consultant, executive coach, and direct sales leader, Donna has assisted executives, athletes, actors, and individuals globally to develop the critical mental and emotional skill sets to thrive in any business or personal relationship. Donna has been recognized by Cambridge’s “Who’s Who” for achieving excellence in leadership, vision, mentoring, and coaching. She has also produced several courses on peak performance and personal empowerment. Donna shares her message about achieving transformational growth in her Thriving in the New Economy training. For more information about Donna Root, please visit http http://www.donnaroot.com or http://www.gettingpastyou.com.

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