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Discovery of “Memory Switch” Leads Inventor to Develop Natural Brain Supplement Clinically Shown to Reverse up to 10-15 Years of Memory Loss.

Procera AVH

Procera AVH™

We tested dozens of the supposed best brain nutrients and eventually realized that the “memory switch” we were looking for had to do with the brain having optimal energy and neurotransmitter levels...

Brain Research Labs (BRL) founder, Josh Reynolds, has been studying the brain for over 30 years. “It all started when I began measuring peoples’ brainwaves in my New York City-based biofeedback clinic”, states Reynolds. “Certain people on certain days would come in, get hooked up, then literally switch on superior memory performance. It was amazing.”

Reynolds’ curiosity plagued him for the next 20 years. Later, with the advent of the internet, he invented and patented a technology enabling him and a team of brain scientists to harness the power of the web to measure the brain power, IQ, and memory of over 1,000,000 people worldwide.

With perhaps the richest cognitive database ever assembled, he and his brain team began to correlate superior brainpower and memory performance with certain foods and supplements. They were also able to uncover certain foods and lifestyle factors that seemed to dull the mind and weaken memory. All of the above and many more discoveries were later published in the book, 20/20 Brain Power, written by Reynolds and his Brain Research Lab medical director, Dr. Robert Heller, MD.

Discovery of Brain’s Memory Switch
The BRL brain team now wondered if this same brain test technology could be used to uncover the best natural ingredients that could activate the brain’s memory switch in just about anyone, at any age or cognitive condition.

Birth of America’s #1 Selling Brain Pill – Procera AVH®
“We tested dozens of the supposed best brain nutrients and eventually realized that the “memory switch” we were looking for had to do with the brain having optimal energy and neurotransmitter levels, which are chemical messengers that enable brain cells to efficiently communicate with each other.”

Scientists have only recently learned that aging, stress, and lifestyle factors, including many foods, can deplete the brain’s energy and neurotransmitters. This results in not only weakened memory, but the brain slows down, the mind gets foggy, and you lose your mental edge.

Serendipitous Synergy
The BRL team learned that conventional brain supplements, like ginkgo, weren’t adequate to raise energy and neuro- transmitters high enough to turn on the brain’s memory switch. What they did discover, however, were three very unique “memory molecules” found in nature, which all had a long history of use, safety, and efficacy in much of Europe and Asia over hundreds of years.

Not one to rest on their laurels, the brain research team then decided to conduct an expensive, FDA-type clinical trial to test these three memory molecules in precise amounts and ratios.

Science Driven Success
The study results were quite unexpected. Some effects were predictable from prior studies on the single ingredients, which showed slightly improved memory and attention. However, this precise, patented blend of the three ingredients, acetyl-l-carnitine, vinpocetine, and Huperzine, seemed to switch on superior memory, reflected in the reversal of up to 15 years of “lost” memory recall speed (or power), in the Procera AVH® user group – these results were achieved in just 30 days!

What’s more, this new “cognitive enhancer” also boosted focus and concentration, mental clarity and energy. Even moods were uplifted significantly.

Results Published in Peer Reviewed Journal
The Procera AVH® study was conducted at the world-renowned Brain Sciences Institute in Australia. The study was so solid, and the results were so unique, that it was later published under the name, Retarding Cognitive Decline with Science-based Nutraceuticals, in the peer-reviewed medical journal, JANA (Journal American Nutraceutical Association).

To read more about the landmark clinical trial on Procera AVH®, the JANA article, the 20/20 Brain Power book, and the people behind it all, go to:

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