Oklahoma Auto Accident Lawyers at Atkins & Markoff Alert Public to New Oklahoma Statute Taking Effect on November 1, 2011 Regarding Reckless Driving and Penalties

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The Oklahoma auto accident lawyers at the Oklahoma City law firm of Atkins & Markoff, whose URL can be found at http://www.oklalawyer.com, hereby alert the public to the fact that a new Oklahoma statute related to reckless driving goes into full effect as of tomorrow, November 1, 2011. This new statute, known as Aaron’s Law, which increases the penalties for drivers convicted of such charges as reckless driving, failing to obey a traffic signal or running a stop sign resulting in great bodily injury to another person.

The Oklahoma car crash attorneys at Atkins & Markoff, a law firm located in Oklahoma City, hereby alert the public to the enactment of an Oklahoma law known as Aaron’s Law that will enhance the penalties faced by drivers who are convicted of different serious traffic-related violations and crimes.

Aaron’s Law, which moved through the state legislature as House Bill 1507 and will become part of the Oklahoma statutes as modifications to Title 47 O.S. 2001, increases specific penalties for specific convictions of traffic-related mistakes and misdeeds. Each of these penalties would increase the exposure faced by criminal defendants.

If a driver runs through a red light and kills another motorist, the charge for such an act would now be felony vehicular manslaughter. In addition, a driver convicted of failing to stop or to remain stopped for a school bus that is loading or unloading passengers will have his or her license suspended for one year without modification. Drivers who fail to stop for flashing red lights on a school bus will lose driving privileges for one year.

Aaron’s Law came about as a result of a fatal Oklahoma car accident that occurred on May 21, 2009 when 17-year-old Aaron Zentz was killed in an Oklahoma car crash as a result of another motorist running through a red light and colliding with his vehicle. Since then his family has been working with the state legislature to pass Aaron’s Law, and it takes full effect on November 1, 2011.

In addition to the criminal exposure faced by drivers convicted of crimes under Aaron’s Law, those who were reckless with their driving such that their recklessness led to great bodily injury or death could still face Oklahoma personal injury lawsuits or Oklahoma wrongful death lawsuits if those who have been harmed in this manner initiate these filings. Aaron’s Law does not prevent civil filings by injured victims or families of victims who were killed in Oklahoma car accidents.

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