Gail Hamilton Releases New Book - Uncovering the Truth About Breast Implants

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Like a lot of moms, Gail Hamilton suffered from body-image issues. And everywhere she looked, on television, in magazines, even in the supermarket, the perky young things with ample cleavage were getting all the attention. It was time for Gail to turn back the clock on her two pregnancies. So in 1974, at 24 and newly married to her second husband, the mother of two young children decided to make a change.

And thus began her terrifying journey of pain, disease, seizures and surgeries.

Like many other women, Hamilton had been led to believe that silicone breast implants were the way to go. Touted as the latest and safest thing in breast augmentation, they were marketed as natural to the eye and to the touch. Silicone breast implants seemed the perfect antidote to her self-image worries. The problem, though, was that they weren’t just silicone: the implants were made of a chemical stew that includes pesticides, cancer-causing agents and a potpourri of binding materials and gels, as well as the basic building blocks of Silly Putty.

And they leaked.

While researching every perspective for why or how she became so ill, Hamilton discovered that most chemical–gel implants rupture after 12 years; 96% of them rupture after 20 years. Ms. Hamilton eventually pursued the implant maker for damages and received a pittance for years of suffering. Meanwhile, the manufacturer continued to maintain the implants were safe, making billions of dollars selling body-image perfection while poisoning thousands upon thousands of women.

Frustrated and alarmed, Gail continued digging, and she came across secret industrial documents that contained disturbing information. She began to realize a sordid tale was lurking within the thousands of internal memos and letters she'd stumbled upon. They revealed how the manufacturer had manipulated in-house studies through its Document Investigation and Review Team (D.I.R.T.) to make implants appear safe. The company had mounted massive PR campaigns, threatened, bullied, coerced and bribed doctors, researchers and journalists into drinking the toxic kool-aid. Worse yet, as evidence began to mount that the implants were anything but safe, the company eventually paid surgeons to switch faulty implants with new ones or to claim that the implants ruptured after they were removed, not while they were in the patient.

Armed with extensive documentary evidence, Gail Hamilton shares her physical and emotional pain along with her shock at the callous attitude that such a large corporation had toward the lives and bodies of so many women. Hamilton has done a brilliant investigative job researching, assembling, and marshalling the hundreds of thousands of documents that make this book such a compelling read. Had her circumstances been different, she would have made an excellent lawyer, clinical researcher or investigative reporter.

Ms. Hamilton, who had her implants removed after 18 years, still suffers from a legion of ailments. Her story reveals the interminable impact one company's deceit-for-profit had on her life and those of thousands of others like her.

The D.I.R.T. Committee
By: Gail Hamilton


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