Author Says Bush's Iraq Murder Cover Up Was Functionally Just Like Penn State's, Except 67,000 Times Worse; In Neither Case Did Anyone Speak Up for Over Eight Years

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The new book, Proof of Guilt: Bush Iraq Murders, details that for over eight years, the mainstream news media, Justice Dept, and Congress remained completely silent with a massive cover up about the criminal facts already in the public domain; that Bush and his 40 co-conspirators murdered over 4,450 Americans and 800,000 Iraqi civilians, and caused the lifelong devastating wounding of 650,000 American soldiers. .

Proof of guilt

Vincent Bugliosi writes, "I present evidence that proves Bush is, beyond a shadow of doubt, guilty of murder." From his book, "The Prosecution Of George W Bush For Murder."

This Is One Very Simple Proof Of Bush's Guilt In Lying To Start A War:

Richard Fults, author of the recently published book “Proof of Guilt: Bush’s Iraq Murders” describes one very simple proof of Bush’s guilt in lying to start a war. He points to Vincent Bugliosi, the prosecutor of Charles Manson, saying that US law effectively states that any confirmed actual proof that Bush et al lied to start the Iraq war, given their factual attack, will automatically verify their crime of the murder of 4,450 American soldiers. See Bush

That Is True For Two Reasons
1) Any such proof of lying to start a war would confirm his criminal intent to commit those murders, erase any legal claim to self-defense, and set in motion the criminal chain of events that knowingly led to those murders.
2) The fact of that actual attack on Iraq deliberately started the actual act of killing Americans by third party innocent agents (Iraqis). (both from chapter 1)

That US Law Says
“If a conspirator deliberately sets in motion a chain of events (lies to the public about the need to attack Iraq, and the attack itself) that he knows will cause third-party innocent agents (Iraqis) to commit an act (killing American soldiers in defense of their country), that conspirator (Bush) is criminally responsible for that act.” (from chapter 1)

Bugliosi Says
“Bush, in unjustifiably invading Iraq, certainly brought about the existence of Iraqi opposition, and his act caused the Iraqis to kill American soldiers in much the same fashion that a person causes a gun to fire a bullet that kills someone by pulling the trigger.”    

One of Several Heavily Documented Examples of Bush's Lies To Start A War
"In early October of 2001, Bush (with absolutely no evidence) began falsely telling the American public that Iraq was involved in 9/11 and terrorism, and threatened to attack us soon, and with WMD including nuclear weapons; and that we urgently needed to attack them to defend ourselves. He emphatically told us that outright lie for 17 straight months; constantly, with a straight face, telling us how dangerous Iraq was to us."

Bush attacked Iraq on March 20, 2003. But just six short months later, on September 17, 2003, in response to a reporter’s question asking did we have any actual evidence of Iraq’s involvement in the attack on 9/11 or terrorism, Bush responded: “No, we've had no evidence that Saddam Hussein was involved with (the terrorist al Qaeda attack on September the eleventh.” Rumsfeld & Wolfowitz had just admitted the same thing a few weeks earlier. (from public domain, 2003)

Bush’s de facto Criminal Confession
"By the standard definitions of English words and grammar, and simple logic, Bush had just publicly confessed that no such evidence of any Iraqi 9/11 or terrorist involvement had ever existed! He had no basis at all for war; Bush deliberately lied to start a war, and then he actually started one. A total of 4,450 Americans were his murdered victims, set in motion by third party innocent agents: a chain of events Bush caused deliberately, by his lies for war. By legal definition, Bush is a murderer!" (self-evident but ignored criminal evidence from the public domain in 2003, &.from Bugliosi).

Result and Meaning
"1) That meant that back in early October 2001, Bush had no evidence or basis in fact that Iraqi had any involvement in 9/11, or terrorism, of any Iraqi intent to attack us, or of the actual existence of any Iraqi WMD! All Iraqi WMD had been destroyed by 1996. (from chapter 2)

2) Another evidentiary video (YouTube link at details the Clean Break criminal Iraq attack plan: written in 1996 in Israel by 3 American neocons (complete with a false pretext for war cover up for public consumption, that Iraq was threatening to attack with then knowingly nonexistent WMD: a threat they said required an attack on Iraq). That plan was adopted by Bush in 1999, including its false pretext for the public. (from chapter 1)

3) So Bush knew in 1999 that Iraq then had no WMD, which fact was later verified by 4 intelligence reports in the fall of 2002, before Bush falsified 2 of those reports, buried all 4, lied to Congress about WMD, and attacked Iraq. His Murders have gone unreported and uninvestigated: truth and justice remain woefully absent. For the past 8 years the press, Justice Dept, and Congress have chosen to display their total lack of; integrity, justice, morality, legal responsibility, and their complete disregard of their code of ethics & oaths of office by blatantly covering up the unconscionable crimes of their friends, Bush et al, in Iraq: Protecting the rich and connected; unlawfully ! They chose to ignore Bush’s actual criminal facts; and to not expose or investigate him." (evidence from public domain and chapter 2)

NEW Proof of Guilt FACTS: The Election Decider
"Bush’s deliberate, massive fear and fraud campaign got us into the Iraq war. That and his actual attack caused his mass murders. Given the massive impact these new shocking criminal facts will have on this next election (if widely disclosed), Bush and most Republicans will be treated with universal and utter contempt for the unconscionable criminal acts they either committed or knowingly and actively supported in Iraq; against 655,000 Americans and 800,000 Iraqis! Death, permanently missing limbs, stroke damaged brains, and dysfunctional minds: 655,000 US soldiers forever handicapped or dead. All that damage by Bush et al's premeditated, and totally unjustified criminal actions against Iraq! Election impacted if facts are widely disclosed." (from Proof of Guilt, chapter 6)

These videos texts were taken from a new book, Proof of Guilt: Bush’s Iraq Murders, by Richard Fults. Much more information and the video links are found on, as well as “5 Lies Told by Bush to Start a War.” The book contains 7 powerful and compelling legal proofs of Bush’s guilt in the murder of 4,450 American soldiers, and voluminous legal evidence of Bush’s lies and murders.

Dick Fults


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