Kim Kardashian Divorces Kris Humphries & Author Jad T Jones’ New Book Shows How Men Can Avoid Such Splits

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Author Jad T Jones offers dating and relationship tips for men on how to attract and keep a beautiful women interested.

This book is silently cretaing a new sexual revolution; allowing men permission to go after the women of their dreams regradles of money, looks or status.

How To Get A Girlfriend By - Jad T Jones

Beautiful women aren't really attracted by money and looks.

According to author, Jad T. Jones, many men lack the fundamental understanding of what it takes to keep a beautiful woman, like Kim Kardashian, interested in a relationship. Many men make the mistake of believing that once they are in a relationship with a woman, they no longer have to work hard at keeping her attracted and in love; this is a huge mistake. A good example of a man who appears to have made the mistake of being lazy is Kris Humphries, who got dumped by Kim Kardashian just 72 days after their wedding date. Jones' mission is to empower and educate the men of the world in the ways of dating and relationships; he has just launched his free eBook that teaches men how to attract and keep the women of their dreams, and do it on a shoestring budget. Users can get this free eBook now at

While the idea of being able to keep a woman, as hot as Kim Kardashian, interested may sound challenging to some men, Jones assures his readers that it is actually quite simple once men know the specific actions and behaviors to adopt. The author explains that the most women, no matter how wealthy or beautiful, are simply looking for a few key attributes in a man. Once a man knows what a woman wants and he gives it to her, she will stay satisfied in the relationship and her love will continue to grow for him.

"Beautiful women aren't really attracted by money and looks", says Jones "What women are truly longing for is romance and adventure. The man who understands this will always be surrounded by beautiful women." Jones feels so strongly about this that he has just released his eBook titled "How To Get A Girlfriend", free for a limited time. It contains a '12-step-system' that teaches men how to attract and date the most beautiful women in the world. To get this free eBook, go to:

This book doesn't explain how to impress women with hot cars, nice clothes and good looks. While money, sports cars and good looks may offer some initial advantage to some men, most of the time it still isn't enough to keep the beautiful woman interested for long. According to Jones, what sets a true seducer apart from an amateur is this:

A true seducer understands that in order to keep a beautiful woman interested, he must give her exactly what her soul is longing for: Adventure & Romance.

That's what sets Jones' system apart from other dating systems - it is a specific plan on how cause intense attraction in a woman by giving her exactly what she wants. Jones' system does not require a man to change who he is or to spend a lot of money. Yet, once the '12-step-system' is learned and applied, men have quickly started experiencing a lot more success at dating, attracting & keeping beautiful women.

To learn more about how to get a girlfriend as hot as Kim Kardashian, go to Jad T Jones' website:


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