Shopping for iPhone 4S Insurance? Securranty Offers A Smart Shopping Guide!

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Should one rush to accept the iPhone insurance offered by the cell phone carriers at the time of purchase or should one shop around for an alternative? Securranty offers a guide for becoming an informed and smart shopper, which can translate into huge savings and peace of mind!

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Any company that requires purchasing warranty at the time of purchase indicates that shopping and comparing is now more important....

Consumers must take the time and effort to educate themselves prior to purchasing an extended warranty or insurance for their consumer electronics including the new iPhone 4S. There are many factors to evaluate including the cost, coverage, claims process, and the provider.

One of the considerations is what the coverage is actually costing. Currently, mobile phone carriers entice customers with low monthly premiums, ranging from $7 to $12 with a high deductible of up to $199 every time you file a claim. The monthly premiums add up to about $288 for two years of coverage plus up to $200 for the deductible for a smart phone for a total out of pocket cost of about $488 to insure a smart phone with only one claim. Imagine paying $199 deductible every time a claim had to be filed. Securranty, an alternative to the phone insurance offered by cell phone carriers, offers savings of up to 70% in savings along with a monthly installment option without interest or credit check and a low deductible of $50.

The second consideration is the coverage offered for the cost. The number of claims allowed over the life of the policy in addition to types of damage covered or excluded is an important comparison. Many providers do not clearly disclose the exclusions or the limits on the number of claims or the deductible. Take the time and effort to pick up the phone and call the provider with specific questions regarding the number of claims and exclusions. Securranty provides comparison data on different warranty providers on its Get Smart page or on the product page.

The claims process is another very important factor in choosing your extended warranty or insurance provider. All warranty providers at the end of the day will repair or replace the phone as per the terms and conditions. The question or the difference is how quickly the phone is repaired. Cell phone carriers may overnight a replacement phone, new or refurbished, the next day. However, this quick service costs up to $199 in deductible every time a claim is filed and premium paid over 2 years of up to $268. The cost can add up really fast if there is more than one claim in the policy period. Comparing to Securranty, the premium of $89 for 2 years with a $50 deductible provides substantial savings, but claims are processed in 3-5 days. The decision is over savings versus speed. If saving money is more important then having a phone replaced the next day, consider the use of a spare phone lying around the home or buy a spare phone with the money saved.

Another difference between Securranty and other providers is that they provide options À la carte for different types of coverage and for different term periods. This option is only available from Securranty and can translate into huge savings. Simply use their "Get A Quote" box to generate options!

Finally, choosing a warranty provider is also an important consideration. The warranty and insurance industry is regulated for the protection of the consumers. All warranty and Insurance providers are required to have all policies guaranteed during the full term of the service contract and backed by a Licensed Administrator and regulated by the Department of Licensing & Regulations to ensure obligation, compliance, and guarantee. If a warranty provider is registered with the Better Business Bureau and third party provider of store reviews like, it should provide added comfort. Securranty, like other providers has all its policies underwritten for assurance.

The next time warranty is offered at the time of purchase, remember to shop and compare before saying yes to high price warranties. If a provider requires that the warranty be purchased at the time of product purchase, then it may not be a smart warranty purchase and more importantly, a sign that shopping and comparing is now a must. Securranty, an online warranty provider, allows the purchase of warranty for consumer electronics as long as there is 90 days remaining on the manufacturers' warranty. Securranty also allows for transferring of warranty coverage from an existing provider to Securranty with quick and simple steps that can translate into huge savings. When transferring coverage, an unused policy refund by the current warranty provider will be issued. Transferring existing coverage in itself may result in huge savings!

About Securranty:
Securranty is a leading provider of extended warranty services for a number of technology products including smart phones, tablets, computers, televisions, home appliances, commercial equipment and other consumer electronics. All our policies are guaranteed during the full term of the service contract as they are backed by a Licensed Administrator and regulated by the Department of Licensing & Regulations to ensure obligation, compliance, and guarantee. The Extended Warranty programs are managed by industry experts specializing in the warranty business. Securranty has established nationwide service capabilities by creating the largest field service team in the industry, as well as a network of smaller more specialized providers. At the heart of Securranty’s service model is the state-of-the-art Call Center, staffed 24-hours/7 days-a-week, located in Southwest Wisconsin, in a community called Cuba City. The center is setup and staffed by United States citizens, as there are eight colleges and universities within 20 miles of Cuba City. The Help Desk is staffed by highly trained Specialists to assist with any questions or claims in English, French and Spanish, providing excellent service across USA & Canada.


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