Baltimore Criminal Lawyer Marc G Snyder Gets Charges Dropped in Two Major Cases in the Same Day

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Defendants charged with Attempted Murder and Armed Robbery charges in two separate matters have charges dropped because of diligent and aggressive defense work.

In a case this serious, it's important to place aggressive pressure on the prosecution to protect the rights of your client

Baltimore Criminal Defense Lawyer Marc G. Snyder announces the dismissal of alleged Attempted Murder and alleged Armed Robbery felony criminal charges against two clients in separate matters, both of whom had been incorrectly identified and jailed for extended periods of time. Through careful analysis of video surveillance, and a creative in-court identification procedure, felony charges against both clients were dropped.

Prosecutors from the Baltimore City State’s Attorney’s Office, were attempting to convict Mr. Snyder’s clients using a victim identification in one matter, and a neighborhood surveillance video in the other. Mr. Snyder’s team of investigators and legal assistants, however, showed that both clients had been incorrectly identified, and since the respective prosecutions rested almost entirely on these identifications, Mr. Snyder’s clients were set free.

Criminal prosecutions based upon victim identification has long been subject to controversy and its uses have had uncertain value in more serious criminal matters. The Baltimore based criminal defense team at The Law Offices of Marc G. Snyder have studied the uses and dangers of such identification methods, and as a result, Mr. Snyder and his legal team have had success defending clients whose cases have been brought exclusively on such identifications.

In the first case, Mr. Snyder’s client, facing Armed Robbery and other charges (Baltimore City District Court Case No. 5B02122083), had been identified by the alleged victim, himself a long-term drug user with a criminal record. The victim had chosen Mr. Snyder’s client out of a photo array, serving as the basis for the ensuing prosecution. Prior to the preliminary hearing in the matter, Mr. Snyder had the Assistant State’s Attorney agree that if his client could not be identified by this victim, in the courtroom, charged would be dropped. The Court permitted the identification procedure to take place amongst a courtroom filled with lawyers, clients and other individuals. Mr. Snyder’s client was seated with the other courtroom attendees and was not identifiable as a defendant in any way.

Baltimore City District Court records show that the victim walked to the front of the courtroom and scanned the people on the benches and standing along the walls of the crowded courtroom. It was soon clear that the victim could not identify anyone in the courtroom as his perpetrator. Following this courtroom procedure, all charges against Mr. Snyder’s client were dropped.

In the second case, Mr. Snyder’s client, facing Attempted Murder (Baltimore City Circuit Case No. 511179012) and other felony charges, had been identified in a neighborhood surveillance video. Mr. Snyder was able to demonstrate to the Assistant State’s Attorney in charge of the prosecution that his client had been incorrectly identified in the video, and that the prosecution was based on an incorrect foundation. "In a case this serious, it's important to place aggressive pressure on the prosecution to protect the rights of your client" says Attorney Snyder as he discusses his overall legal defense strategy in this case.

Studies have shown that few types of evidence are more unreliable that the personal identification. "Unfortunately, such evidence is commonplace in the prosecutions of the most seriously charged individuals" says Snyder. The Law Offices of Marc G. Snyder continue to study these suspect prosecutorial methods in order to put such identifications to the test. The continued use of creative and aggressive criminal defense strategies have resulted in Mr. Snyder’s successful defense of those clients incorrectly identified as committing serious crimes throughout the State of Maryland.

The Law Offices of Marc G. Snyder have offices in the Pikesville/Owings Mills area as well as downtown Baltimore near Lexington Market to better serve our present and future clients. For more information or to contact the Law Office about a potential legal matter, contact 410-656-9LAW (9529).

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