Ones in a Lifetime Uses 11/11/11 as a Catalyst for Global Unity

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In a world of division and uncertainty, a moment of optimism and unity has emerged. On 11/11/11, at 11 hours, 11 minutes, and 11 seconds, the time and date are all "1". Inspired by this unique moment, Ones in a Lifetime has connected organizations and individuals from around the world in a unified event to celebrate that, like that time and date, we are all "1" in our humanity.

Ones in a Lifetime

We are Connecting the World, ONE PEACE at a Time.

Every day news broadcasts and publications feature stories about division, conflict, and uncertainty on a global scale. Economic collapse, escalating tensions within and between nations, and an ever-accelerating news cycle have combined to create a global malaise. Any opportunity to have a moment of optimism and good news seems to garner international enthusiasm. Consider the story of the Chilean mine disaster, and how the news broadcasts were viewed by people worldwide with excitement and relief as one by one the miners were retrieved to the surface. For a day, we were all "Chilean." The world is hungry for hope, and in the midst of all the bad news, a moment of optimism and unity has emerged; a "Ones in a Lifetime" moment.

On November 11 this year, at 11 hours, 11 minutes, and 11 seconds, the time and date are all "1". Inspired by this unique moment, Ones in a Lifetime established an event to connect individuals and organizations in a celebration, highlighting that, like that unique time and date, we are all "1" in our humanity. A website was built to serve as a platform for meeting and coordinating activities. As the historic moment approaches, more and more organizations and individuals are bringing their own concepts for participation, and the event has now grown to involve individuals and organizations from over 100 countries.

Examples of events and initiatives are as varied as the members themselves. Based in Australia the 11Eleven Project is collecting video, pictures, written word, recorded sounds, from across the human spectrum of experience on that date, all to be combined in a film project to be released on September 21, 2012, coincident with the United Nations International Day of Peace. In South Africa, the "ONE Festival" is holding a Ones in a Lifetime event over the weekend featuring underground psychedelic music. In Duck, North Carolina, The Left Bank at The Sanderling Resort and Spa is holding a Ones in a Lifetime event similar to a New Years Eve party, complete with champagne toast at 11:11:11 PM. In Sedona, Arizona, the 11.11.11 Gathering ( is hosting a week of connection, communication, and celebration. Individuals are holding parties in their homes, clubs and celebratory venues are featuring events, and the ideas continue to form and join in the Ones in a Lifetime moment.

As this historic date falls on Veterans Day / Armistice Day / Remembrance Day, the Ones in a Lifetime endeavor has evolved into a global peace initiative. The Ones in a Lifetime endeavor is connecting a wide variety of peace-building organizations like "Peace One Day" and the "Culture of Peace Initiative" under a common theme, to promote synergy and cooperation between them all. In keeping with this theme, Ones in a Lifetime has identified critical ingredients for peace, including nourishment, medicine, education, connection, and opportunity. Critical liaisons continue to form, beginning with the affiliation with "Feed The Children". The celebration on 11/11/11 serves as a grand opening for the larger mission behind Ones in a Lifetime; to "Connect the World, One Peace at a Time". "On the "11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month" (November 11, 1918), the Armistice was implemented, effectively ending the hostilities of World War 1. Now, for the first time in history, this anniversary falls on the 11th year," said Ones in a Lifetime founder, Dan Shutt. "As this concept developed, the historical link to world peace was obvious, and the entire endeavor has evolved along those lines."

With the historic date and time approaching, the Ones in a Lifetime celebration is growing. The site features include video chat with other members, typed chat with the ability to translate up to 50 languages in real-time, a "Recipe for Peace" feature, song videos, sponsors, and a list of events and venues that is growing. For more information, and to get connected with this historic event, visit, join in, and tell your friends about "the 1 Party you do NOT want to miss."


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