Starks Battlefield 3 Strategy Guide Helps Players Dominate Multiplayer Mode in BF3 - Best Battlefield 3 Strategies Revealed

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Battlefield 3(also called BF3) is one of the most anticipated and hottest releases of 2011. Starks BF3 Guide gives the Best Strategies and Tactics for all player classes in multiplayer and single mode.

Battlefield 3 is a first-person shooter game published by Electronic Arts and made by DICE. The game was released to the public on October 25, 2011, and is available on Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and PC. The different versions based on the gaming platforms don't differ that much, although the PC platform got more development attention. For Electronic Arts, the Battlefield 3 game(also known as BF3) is one of their fastest selling game ever, which according to EA, sold copies of 5 million in the 1st week.

During the BF3 demo, lots of players were eager to try out the game. There was a fierce level of competition with every player looking for the best strategies to be high in the leaderboards. Lots of players are eager to try out the 64 players multiplayer limit, interesting weapons, and numerous vehicles that gamers can drive around the battlefields.

Gamers who play BF3 are a diverse bunch, from students to professionals and adults, and they play BF3 about 20 hours a week. Not only appealing to the youth, BF3 also attracts different age groups. BF3 players are always looking for ways to have an edge over others. Being in the top of the leaderboards is a feeling that each player aims to do. There are a number of Battlefield 3 guides that have been released, but most of them have failed to give the gamers that edge. These guides offer good strategies and ways for players to dominate the BF3 game, and be an elite player.

A new guide, Starks guide at, answers each player's need for a good BF3 guide. Starks BF3 Mastery Guide is created by a team of good FPS gamers, and is for all Battlefield 3 players. The team consists of passionate and dedicated gamers working hard to give the best tactics, strategies, and information for players to really dominate the game.

The goal of Starks Guide is to be give players a complete guide, composing of beginners guide, multiplayer guide, weapons guide, walkthrough guide, and more.

One of the biggest hurdles in being an elite in BF3 is getting comfortable with the different available classes. Each of these classes require different styles of play, and Starks Guide will train players to be a dominant gamer in BF3.

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