Winter Driving Survival Guide: Ensure Safe Driving this Winter with a Good Set of Winter Tires, Emergency Kits and More, by Local Car Repair Shop in Richmond Hill

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Winter tires and Winter meet once again and AE Auto Plus, a car repair shop in Richmond Hill, indicates that ice, snow and freezing temperatures make for challenging driving conditions. AE Auto Plus, a car repair shop in Richmond Hill offer the following tips for making winter driving a stress-free safe experience.

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Carefree Driving

Andy takes the time to explain things, and why they need to be done. He tells me what happens if you don't get it done too. And what I really like about him is that he gives me options.
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Proper tire inflation, pressure and tread depth are critical for fuel economy, safety, tire life and safe handling. Andy Eaton, of AE Auto Plus, a local car repair shop in Richmond Hill, offers the following tips for safe driving this winter.

Why Use Winter Tires?
Andy advises, “For motorists who live in a cold, snowy and icy climate, snow tires are a must. At this time of year, you should make an appointment with your local certified mechanic to have your snow tires inspected and installed." He further adds, “So when the first snow arrives, and it won’t be long, you will be ready to deal with slippery and icy road conditions.”

Tread Depth
Regular tread depth checks are important to ensure that a car’s tires are safe. Excessive wear can result in a loss of traction, especially on wet, slippery roads. Tires are regular wear items and staying on top of their condition not only ensures safe driving, but also gives drivers the opportunity to plan ahead and budget for inevitable tire replacement.

Tread Maintenance Tips
When using a tread depth gauge, tires need to have at least one-fifth of a centimetre of tread or more. Generally, when replacing tires it is best to replace all tires, not just one or two. If the tires show signs of abnormal or unequal wear, have this looked into by a good local mechanic shop. Excessive wear on both outer edges generally indicates under-inflation. Excessive wear in the center of the tread generally indicates over-inflation. Cupping or dipping of certain tread sections may indicate worn suspension parts of a wheel balance problem. Saw-toothed or feathered tread edges may indicate wheel misalignment.

Andy Eaton, owner of AE Auto Plus, the local car repair shop in Richmond Hill, advises that a winter Road Side Safety and Emergency Kit should be something all drivers have onboard this winter. An Emergency kit can include:

  •     Ice scraper
  •     Snow brush
  •     Flashlight with batteries
  •     Gas line anti-freeze
  •     Warm clothing and blankets
  •     Food and water
  •     Shovel
  •     Flares
  •     Matches
  •     Jumper cables
  •     Screwdriver
  •     Duct tape
  •     Fire extinguisher
  •     Do-It-Yourself travelling first aid kit

Other factors to ensure safe driving this winter should include having the following items checked by a certified local mechanic:

  •     Check the brakes
  •     Check exhaust system for carbon monoxide leaks
  •     Change the oil
  •     Keep the gas tank at least half full
  •     Have the cooling system checked
  •     Heaters, defrosters and wipers are very important
  •     Battery Charging systems should be checked for optimum performance

Making sure cars have enough gas, checking vital operating components of any car is just plain good, safe advice for all drivers. Make an appointment with a local mechanic to have these and other components and items checked before winter arrives.

AE Auto Plus is owned and operated by Andy Eaton. Located and operating in Thornhill for over 15 years, AE Auto Plus continues to serve the surrounding area including Markham, Richmond Hill, Vaughan, North York and the rest of the GTA.

They can be reached at 905 764-1339 or visit their website at

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