Carpe Diem Now Utilizing uBoost’s Online Motivation Tools to Recognize Student Achievement

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uBoost’s integration with Education2020’s software allows to Carpe Diem to implement an automated performance-based student motivation program.

uBoost, the nation’s premiere student motivation program, announced its partnership with Carpe Diem, a charter secondary school in Yuma Arizona. Carpe Diem completed a pilot program during the Spring of 2011 and has expanded the use of uBoost to 5 locations, including its virtual school program, to boost course progression and completion rates.

Students will receive recognition for their scores as they progress through each course in the form of redeemable points, achievement badges, and status. Students may level up by earning points and badges which are viewable via online leaderboards and user profiles.

“uBoost provides a collection of motivational levers designed to increase the student activities our clients find most valuable”, says John Bower, CEO of uBoost. “Our underlying principle of automating frequent and consistent feedback support Carpe Diem’s efforts to foster meaningful relationships between students and their teachers; set high expectations; and make the academic experience student-centric. By distilling seemingly insurmountable goals like course completion and content mastery into achievable tasks and recognizing students as they progress, learners feel supported and develop the confidence necessary for academic success. Whether it’s competing with peers on leaderboards; achieving short and long term achievement milestones; helping others through charitable giving; or earning merchandise and gift cards, uBoost delivers relevant feedback that appeals to each type of learner.”

Rick Ogston, Founder and CEO of Carpe Diem says, “Carpe Diem’s approach to education leverages technology, students’ interests, and skills to make their learning experience positive, enriching and empowering. In addition to teachers providing encouragement, uBoost’s automated positive feedback loops provide daily evidence to our students that they are indeed making progress and can become competent in the subject matter.”

About uBoost
uBoost provides educators with an automated solution to deliver relevant recognition for positive behaviors and incremental academic achievement to keep students motivated to earn their diploma. Working with all age groups, curricula and achievement levels, uBoost partners with publishers, school districts, online schools, tutoring companies and private education companies to design and implement customized recognition and rewards programs that foster student motivation, improve classroom behavior, and encourage parent engagement.

uBoost appreciates that students are unique – that they learn differently and that intrinsic motivation varies across subject areas. uBoost’s platform encourages students to put forth their maximum effort by recognizing their individual academic achievements in the form of performance-based badges, coveted spots on achiever leader boards, daily email alerts, and award points redeemable for rewards including forty charitable giving opportunities and access to games only available on uBoost. Clients may also offer merchandise and gift cards in their customized rewards catalog ranging in value from $.01 to $200.00.

New recognition tools, rewards, and contests are added regularly to keep up with students' changing interests and to ensure relevancy throughout the school year.

For more information about uBoost, call 866-921-4480810 or visit:

About Carpe Diem
The mission of Carpe Diem is to Educate, Empower and Equip their students for life. Their focus remains razor sharp: Carpe Diem is satisfied with nothing less than providing each student with an individually crafted, state-of-the-art, educational experience from enrollment to graduation, and beyond. Carpe Diem understands the unique opportunity that digital learning provides, and has now embraced the online virtual world. Offering on-campus and online options provides students the power to choose the best option for them. Students who require the flexibility that online education affords can now study quality, college preparatory courses at home, at their own pace, while focusing on sports, theater, the arts, or whatever it is that moves them. Whether on-campus or online, throughout their course of study, Carpe Diem students will have mastered all the content and learned skills that will position them to succeed in college, or in the world economy. Students who earn their diploma will be able to confidently refer to a transcript that reflects the excellent reputation and NCA accreditation of Carpe Diem Collegiate High School.

About Education2020, Inc.
Education2020 is a leading provider of core and elective instruction in a virtual school setting for students in grades 6-12, creating innovative, rigorous, standards-aligned courseware and online virtual instruction programs to help students recover and accrue credits for graduation and prepare for state, end-of-course, and standardized exams. Education2020’s web-based model, teacher-led video delivery, and innovative instructional approach offer engaging and individualized virtual online instruction solutions to public and private schools for use in traditional classrooms, blended school, and online programs. e2020, Inc., has implementations in 39 states with over 800 schools districts and 2500 + schools served. Founded in 1998, last year education2020, Inc., provided courses for more than 335,000 students. For more information, visit


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