Moolah Media Launches SmartMoolah, A Pandora-Like Recommendation of Mobile Display Ads Based on User Actions Beyond the Click

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Moolah unveils next generation of mobile advertising aimed at improving consumer interactivity and eliminating unnecessary clicks for advertisers

Moolah Media, one of the largest affiliate mobile performance networks, is rolling out what it believes are the most performance optimized ad units for advertisers and publishers with the launch of its new SmartMoolah layer. SmartMoolah aims to measure consumer actions beyond the click, subsequently serving up more relevant ads for each consumer. This Pandora-like recommendation technology will improve mobile ads for advertisers and developers alike.

Moolah is also announcing reaching 20 million users and serving a billion ad impressions in the U.S. per month on its network.

Unlike traditional cost-per-impression, cost-per-click, or cost-per-download advertising, SmartMoolah measures actions after the click. SmartMoolah ads are mobile display units measured on a cost-per-action basis. Actions include download, form submit, click-to-call, and interactive SMS.

Until now, the majority of mobile publishers and advertisers have tried to generate as many clicks as possible. But this cost-per-click strategy ignores the quality of user traffic, an oversight that SmartMoolah ads aim to resolve.

SmartMoolah ads can be deployed in Android and iOS mobile apps through the company’s SDKs, and within mobile websites using standards-based APIs. In either case, publishers can get started in ten minutes and can monitor the performance of SmartMoolah ads through the real-time reporting dashboard.

Actions that occur after a click show publishers when a consumer makes a purchase, clicks on content, or shares the experience with others. Based on a consumer’s actions, Moolah can serve up more relevant ads to that consumer in the future. By doing something as simple as changing the creative on a banner, publishers can impact their back-end conversion.

To date, traditional mobile ad networks have paid publishers based on clicks, but this is an incomplete picture of an ad’s effectiveness. Many clicks are made by mistake as consumers touch various elements of a small digital phone screen, meaning that these clicks lead to no real actions, and some actions produce poor quality for the advertiser.

Through its SmartMoolah ads, Moolah has increased click-through-rates for ads on its platform by three to four fold, and boosted conversions by two times over ads served from CPC networks. A campaign optimized by SmartMoolah ads performs eight times better than a campaign that is not targeted, resulting in $0.96 eCPMs over just $0.12. SmartMoolah ads also double click-through rates.

“Having SmartMoolah ads on our mobile site has given us a superior eCPM compared to other mobile ad networks,” said Vipul Sawhney, president of mobile gaming site Hovr. “Their campaigns have a good response rate with our users, and their post-click optimization is certainly a lot more sustainable for both the advertiser and for us.”

Advertisers have been similarly oblivious to their ad’s true value with traditional cost-per-click mobile ad networks. This approach makes it impossible for advertisers to know the difference between a click that leads to a real, profitable action, and a click that causes the user to navigate away immediately—often resulting in the advertiser paying for clicks that never reach the advertiser’s landing page. Without the knowledge of what a consumer does after clicking, the advertiser is forced to pay for every single click, regardless of its value.

SmartMoolah Ads enable advertisers to know not only what actions their ads cause, but also to place ads based on a user’s age, gender, mobile device and carrier, and even location.

“Today’s mobile publisher and app developer uses several ad networks and we believe Moolah should be part of that mix, to ensure that their monetization is maximized with the highest possible eCPM,” said Shawn Scheuer, CEO and co-founder of Moolah Media. “Couple this with the fact that SmartMoolah units will drive transparency with advertisers and we could see a spike in mobile ad buying based on real insights.”

Publishers and developers interested in signing up for Moolah’s SmartMoolah ads should visit:

About Moolah Media:
Moolah Media is the highest performing US-based mobile affiliate network. Founded in November 2010, Moolah Media generates high quality leads, registrations and sales for advertisers. The network provides reliable mobile inventory monetization for publisher, and an interactive and informative experience for mobile users. Utilizing its proprietary ad serving and tracking platform, Moolah Media supports all types of mobile inventory including text message, mobile browser, and iPhone and Android mobile applications. Moolah provides publishers and advertisers with real-time reporting on all aspects of ad performance.

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