A Non-Profit Organization Seeks State Highway Traffic and Safety Grant Funds, Nationally

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After just three short months, Seanna Smallwood, a pioneer with a vivid vision of where the program is headed, successfully launched Will Be D.D. to a National level and has designed the program to allow every State in the U.S. to qualify for NHTSA grant funds for the program service. Highway Traffic and Safety support from Communities, Townships, Counties, and States Nationwide may want to take a look at this.

Will Be D.D.

The business model is impressive and opens wide doorways for any business looking to increase, improve, or empower their public relations and marketing strategies.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration issued Grant Opportunities for State projects relative to alcohol-impaired driving countermeasures. The funds issued by DOT and NHTSA are made directly to States with State Highway Safety agencies as beneficiary. Will Be D.D. (designated driver) has launched the business of public transportation specifically for alcohol-impaired drivers and developed their Program design to allow every State in the United States to qualify for this Grant.

The organization is seeking National support from alcohol establishments, corporations, citizens, and State and Community funding for growth initiatives. These support constituents are sought on a National level as the Program builds the capacity of Will Be D.D. Charters across the United States.

"Charters start at $99 per month, as per their 'Charter in a Box' on their website, it's a no-brainer, so I purchased one for Ocean City, Maryland and surrounding cities in Delaware" ~ Eddie Turner, O.C. owner of Will Be D.D.

The marketing plan is aggressive andis the “Purple Cow.” After spending over 500 hours researching State Highway Traffic Safety Programs and Grant opportunities, spending thousands of dollars on Grant coaches and mentors, Seanna Smallwood, President of the organization has come up with a genius B2B joint marketing plan that is an excellent strategy for local small business to HR Departments of Fortune 500 & 1000 firms, and any company within all 50 States and Washington, D.C. Grant writers should specifically take note of the program potential as this should hit emerging markets with non-profit program grant sales relatively quickly.

“The business model is impressive and opens wide doorways for any business looking to increase, improve, or empower their public relations and marketing strategies.” ~ James Will, President of Will Do Interlock & Audio, LLC and a key stakeholder in the Will Be D.D. program.

The Will Be D.D. program is based on strong leadership, sound policy development, excellent program management and design, effective strategic planning and implementation, and a cost-effective communication program. Will Be D.D. is also data driven, as it tallies all Safe Rides provided on local levels and reports on a national level. Their focus is on geographic areas that are most at risk; however, effectuates non-discriminatory program policies by not imposing limitations to just “problem areas.” Furthermore, the NHTSA requires State grant recipients to guide their activities by identifying problem areas; however, from the perspective of the public, alcohol-impaired driving and traffic safety programs should be everywhere.

Designated driver programs are very high risk for the individual, with the risk – high costs follow. A traffic safety program such as this needs adequate resources to cover those high-risk costs associated with the life-line of the program itself. Will Be Designated Driver has employed part-time staff to contact District Court Judges and Clergymen to allow (to the extent possible) program support by impaired drivers.

Having said that, Will Be D.D. on a National level has set up a boiler-plate grant application for every State in the United States (beginning with Maryland) that seeks support on the following program model:

1) Each Charter member (a/k/a Will Be D.D. charter owner) shall volunteer for their State to sit on DWI/DUI task force committees to foster leadership, commitment, program data reporting, and problem area coordination. Each member shall voluntarily contribute information (that does not breach the Federal Privacy Acts for patrons) to highway safety enforcement, criminal justice and law enforcement, driver licensing, alcohol and substance abuse treatment centers, liquor law enforcement, local businesses and commerce assistance, health advocacy, post-secondary education groups, local colleges and Universities, and any diverse group deemed necessary by the State in which they represent.

2) As the Will Be D.D. program itself meets State-wide requirements for strategic planning, development, and implementation for short- and long-term impaired driving activities, each Charter member/owner is required to work directly with Community Services Divisions of the territory in which they represent.

3) Program Management of each Charter requires a significant degree of commitment in time, financial resources, education, public relations, marketing, and community leadership. The NHTSA requires that a State funded designated driver program effectively execute procedures that ensure the activities are implemented. Thus, it is the policy of Will Be D.D. that each Charter owner limit their territory to 5 zip codes or less unless otherwise approved by Will Be Designated Driver, Inc. (Corporate Headquarters, MD). Furthermore, it is the policy of the Will Be D.D. program that any contracted driver, under no circumstances, shall ever refuse a Safe Ride. The exclusions to this rule are as follows:

     a) Instances where a passenger becomes violent and/or creates a situation of endangerment to any other person(s);


     b) Instances where a passenger seeks to transport a minor child while under the influence of alcohol or any other controlled dangerous substance.

4) Through State support within each Chartered territory, Will Be Designated Driver, Inc. shall allocate sufficient funding, staffing, and other resources to support the impaired driving program. Through Corporate Sponsor sales and other support constituents, Will Be D.D. shall become self-sufficient; however, the costs associated with gas, insurance and big-ticket items, such as space, and vehicles remain problematic. The Program requires a National sales force of independent contractors to maintain relationships with local alcohol establishments, local businesses and corporate and corporate sponsors. Account Executives with the level of skill and experience required demand high commission rates for their commitment and engagement in the Program. Will Be Designated Driver, Inc. has National Account Executives and this sales force continues to grow.

5) As Will Be Designated Driver, Inc. matures, the Will Be D.D. Program communication procedures become more effective. The design of each grant supports growth and insolvency for the Program. Promotion of the program begins with grant funds from State Highway Administration, Traffic and Safety Agencies in each State and includes interim grant funds. Community based interim funding should also be available for the following Program initiatives:

    a) Promotion: Billboards, table-tents, post-cards, postage, signage, colleges and universities education, promotion, and delivery, gasoline expense, and miscellaneous promotional expense; Budget: $25,000 per Charter, per Year
    b) Staffing: Headquarters executive and administrative support, call dispatch, accounting, unemployment insurance, driver salaries, cost of employment (background checks), charter bonuses, account executive commissions and bonuses, and miscellaneous salaries expense; Budget: $150,000 per State, per Year
    c) Education: Driver safety, vehicle safety, proper licensing, background checks, public safety training programs, and miscellaneous education expense; Budget: $50,000 per State, per Year
    d) Cost of Design: Safe Ride Tokens, vehicle wraps, business cards, uniforms, key chains, brand awareness, “Charter in a Box” inclusion items, and program design expense; Budget: $5,000 per Charter

Interested State, Counties, Communities, and/or Townships should contact:
Seanna Smallwood, President
Will Be Designated Driver, Inc.
Email: SeannaSmallwood(at)yahoo(dot)com
Fiscal Sponsor: http://www.DrinkingandDriving.org


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