Doctor and Author of Oral 7™ Hygiene: Paint Your Mouth Series Releases eBooks to wipe out Oral Diseases in Children

Author Dr. Garth Pettit’s Oral 7™ Hygiene: Paint Your Mouth – Visits 1 to 12 to GarGar the Dentist eBooks have now been published in six languages and are available on the Amazon Kindle. Dr. Pettit hopes to infuse fun into educating children about proper oral care, how and why to be orally healthy for life, with the ultimate goal of preventing oral disease in children around the world.

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"I am applying your advice ... I would like to report to you that the almost total absence of plaque on my teeth is nothing short of amazing - I have struggled with this all life." Judy Le Cornu, ex-dental assistant.

Campbelltown, South Australia (PRWEB) November 15, 2011

With the release of his Oral 7™ Hygiene: Paint Your Mouth – Visits 1 to 12 to GarGar the Dentist series of eBooks, Dr. Garth Pettit hopes to bring an end to common oral disease, tooth decay, gum diseases, bad breath and stained teeth in both children and adults.

“These issues have been abundant for never-ending generations but are predicted to decline soon, rapidly and permanently,” says Dr Garth Pettit who, in 1996, ended a five year long retirement with a mission ‘To Prevent Oral Disease In Children'. “I hope that through my Oral 7™ Hygiene: Paint Your Mouth eBooks people around the world will change the way they view oral health.”

In 2002, Dr. Pettit self-published a set of 10 paperback books, Visits 1 to 10 To GarGar the Dentist. Since then, these books have been revised and two more have been added. Now, all twelve have been published as eBooks for the Amazon Kindle, titled Oral 7™ Hygiene: Paint Your Mouth Visits 1 to 12 to GarGar the Dentist. Further, the books have been published in six different languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese.

With the recent announcement that OverDrive and Amazon have launched Kindle® compatibility with Library eBooks, which will allow public and school libraries to reach millions of new readers, Dr. Pettit is ecstatic. “eBook technology makes it fun and easy for parents, teachers and schools to teach children Oral 7™ Hygiene with no lesson preparation required. This is an ideal situation to expose children to the Paint Your Mouth books,” said the Doctor.

In the eBooks title, Oral 7™ Hygiene Paint Your Mouth Visits 1 to 12 To GarGar the Dentist, ‘Oral 7™’ is a reference to the seven internal oral surfaces from which harmful plaque must be removed and replaced with helpful plaque to achieve optimal oral hygiene. ‘Paint Your Mouth’ is the oral hygiene instruction created by Dr. Pettit to replace the misleading 15th Century instruction ‘Brush Your Teeth’, an instruction indicated by a SWOT analysis to be a cause of oral diseases.

“At the conclusion of Visit 12 To GarGar the Dentist, children will have become self-motivated to prevent oral diseases,” claims Dr Pettit, “thus fulfilling my mission.”

All 12 Visits are also combined into one book, published in six language editions and available from Amazon stores worldwide.

"After applying your advice, the almost total lack of plaque on my teeth is nothing short of amazing - I have struggled with this all my life," said patient and ex-dental assistant, Judy Le Cornu.

Amazon Kindle’s 2010 prediction that their eBook sales would outstrip their paperback sales, coming earlier than was expected, convinced the author to publish his paperbacks as eBooks. The Oral 7™ Hygiene: Paint Your Mouth Visits 1 to 12 To GarGar the Dentist eBooks series is offered on Amazon to millions of Amazon customers on Kindle, iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, Android devices, PC, and Mac which make these eBooks easily accessible to parents.

About Author Dr. Garth Pettit
Dr. Garth Pettit graduated from School of Dentistry, University of Adelaide, South Australia in 1953. He retired from general dental practices in Australia and England in December 1991. Dr. Pettit returned to dentistry from 1996 until September 2010 while researching for books to prevent oral disease in children. The author’s most recently published Amazon Kindle eBooks are his Oral 7™ Hygiene Paint Your Mouth concepts as apply to ages beyond children: HOW TO KISS Sensational Sensation Secrets. All his eBooks will be published in 2 further editions, Chinese and Japanese, when Amazon Kindle enables translations.

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