Alleged International ID Theft Ring Founder Vladislav Horohorin Set for US Extradition

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Attorney Says That US Government is attempting to Try Case in the Media

Vladislav Horohorin, a Ukrainian and Israeli national

“My arrest, jail confinement, nevertheless attempt of extradition, is a violation of the European Convention of Human Rights Law” states Mr. Horohorin in the communication with his attorney.

New York criminal attorney, Arkady Bukh spoke yesterday in regards to the upcoming extradition of alleged hacker, Vladislov Horohorin. “It seems the US Government has decided that it is better to have court in the media than use the appropriate and legal setting for this case,” says the rather frustrated Arkady Bukh. “My client is having a lot of difficulty believing in justice these days.”

AOL News contributor Allan Lengel cites that sixteen months ago, Vladislav Horohorin, a man who was suspected by the US government of being one of the world’s biggest perpetrators of cybercrimes was taken into custody while in the French Riviera. Horohorin, a dual citizen of the Ukraine and the State of Israel, was in Nice and about to board a flight to Moscow when police arrested him on charges of access device fraud and aggravated identity theft. He was indicted in absence by a US federal grand jury in DC district court in 2009.

His NYC criminal lawyer feels that an “unfair game” is being played with his client’s future. If convicted of these crimes, Horohorin could spend 12 years in prison and receive fines upwards of a half million dollars. “The evidence is questionable at best,” Bukh explains. “From my perspective it is self-serving and appears to be fabricated. Of course, the government is presenting this as fact before the case has even gone to trial.”

According to The US government 2 separate indictments (DC district court (1:09-cr-00305 USA v. HOROHORIN) in November 2009. and 1:09-cr-00491-SCJ-CCH USA v. Pleshchuk et al case in GA Northern District U.S. court) Mr. Horohorin created one of the world’s only self-serve stolen credit card data sites in the world. This fully automated system enableed users to purchase stolen credit card information online. The website supposedly claimed to help “fight the imperialism of the USA.” Both cases are "on hold" pending extradition of Mr. Horohorin to the U.S.

“This is exactly what I mean,” Bukh explains. “They release ‘information’ in such a provocative way as to ensure that my client is already convicted by public opinion before even going to trial. Who wants to set free a man they believe is out to destroy the United States?”

Mr. Horohorin believes that his arrest is unfounded and even "political at its core". “My arrest, jail confinement, nevertheless attempt of extradition, is a violation of the European Convention of Human Rights Law,” states Mr. Horohorin in the communication with his attorney.

His attorney believes that he was wrongfully accused and not only intends to fight the charges against him, but also to fight the extradition, as well. “Just because you are accused of a crime does not mean that you committed the crime,” Bukh reminds. “According to US law Vladislav Horohorin has a right to be presumed innocent until it is proven otherwise.”

As a prominent New York City defense lawyer, specializing in these sorts of high profile and seemingly “unwinnable” cases, Bukh understands all too well that in most cases the trial is won or lost in the days, weeks, and months prior to it ever appearing before judge and jury. He understands exactly how important it is to have a level playing field prior to trial. “The prosecution doesn’t want a fair fight in the courtroom,” he explains. “They want to play this out in the press.”

While this seems to be a point of frustration for the attorney, it doesn’t seem to deter him or alter his view that his client will be exonerated. “I have always worked on the premise that if my client is innocent I will get him off,” Bukh explains. “I’ve been a New York City criminal attorney now for close to ten years. I’ve seen it all, represented it all. I am confident that Mr. Horohorin will be vindicated.”

Arkady Bukh is a New York City criminal defense attorney. His law firm, Bukh Law Firm, P.C. is one of the top ranked criminal firms in New York by leading consumer reviews sites. He can be reached at: Bukh Law Firm, P.C. - 14 Wall St, New York NY 10005 - (212) 729-1632


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