McCann E-Investigations Announces New Case Study on Social Network Mapping

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Social networks such as Facebook and Twitter have become so pervasive in daily life that they have become a key source of information for the private investigator.

People often put so much of their lives online not realizing that what is on the Internet, stays on the internet. Careful analysis of social networking habits can bring to light the structure of relationships from the casual acquaintance to close bonds. “Studying the subject’s social media habits on Twitter and Facebook reveals key relationships which can be vital to an investigation.” said Dan Weiss, Partner at McCann E-Investigations.

As social networks grow, analysis tools become more robust in analyzing and measuring social network relationships. These analysis tools map and measure relationships providing insights to the flow of conversations and the interaction between individuals. The analysis tools create a visual graphic that allows the investigator to identify key individuals and understand the relationships between the core players and those on the periphery.

Mapping the social network tells a story. It allows the investigator to gain knowledge about relationships between the subject and their network. And through the visualization of the network, it allows for the discovery of relationships which were not previously known to exist. These relationships can provide information on everything from the subject’s community involvement, political affiliations, personal interests, skills and job experience.

Social network mapping is only a tool used in conjunction with other investigative practices. Social networks can also be used in traditional private investigative surveillance. Unlike the old days where it was a wild guess as to where the subject will be, now with social networking, the subject of the investigation often announces to the internet world on a regular basis where they are going to be and who they will be with. Oversharing in social networks makes it easy for the investigator to perform successful surveillance. The investigator knows exactly where the subject will be and at what time, what the subject looks like, what the subject’s friends look like. Through the mapping of the social network relationships, the investigator is also alerted as to which friends and family members may need to be put under surveillance.

Visual graphics of social networks allows investigators to gain a clear understanding of the subject’s core relationships. Investigators can get a clear understanding of the subject’s inner circle and utilize that knowledge along with e-investigative techniques and traditional investigative processes to discover the “big picture”.

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