Commits to Recycling Old Cars By Offering Cash For Them

Share Article announces their service area is now nationwide. Now consumers across the country can make use of their old automobiles, while this recycle minded company makes use of old parts to be re-purposed instead of rotting in landfills. The goal for is for everyone to win - the company, the consumer and the planet.

Recycling is a good thing to do, and getting some extra money for it isn’t so bad either

Cash For Cars Quick ( has gone nationwide, and with this final milestone met, have made it easier for people across the U.S. to sell their old cars they may have given up on ever getting rid of. And, in the process this company is doing their part to help the planet too. The company will buy any car and process it for recycling. Instead of simply crushing cars for the landfill, they strip them of their reusable parts and then melt down the rest of the metal. The metal is then made into new products ranging from steel for more cars, to girders for buildings. This process allows the company to pay for cars instead of charging to haul them away. Best of all, now the company is active all over the United States.

“So-called junk cars are actually worth a surprisingly large amount of money and Cash For Cars Quick pays between $100 and $500 for most cars. Larger SUVs and other such vehicles can fetch even more,” says CEO William Leonard, “and now we are virtually everywhere, so this makes us an option for anyone living in this country.” is trying to break the old "junkyard" image too, and has gone high tech in many ways. The company realizes that the way in which people search for recycling ideas and hauling, as well as the way they can reach their clients, has greatly changed over the years. It has now been an ongoing objective for the companies Director’s to use video commercials and an SEO company to spread their message of recycling vehicles to a younger audience. “It is important for us to present ourselves, not only all over the country, but across demographics too. One way for us to introduce this form of recycling to a younger generation is through an online presence,” states Mr. Leonard, "and cutting back on the old paper ad's and mailers makes us feel better about our impact on the planet too. It all goes back to our mission to reduce, re-use and re-purpose."

According to Reuters online, over 14 million cars are scrapped on a yearly basis. This, however, is only 80 percent of the number of new cars made in a year, based on the U.S. Governments’ Department of Transportation’s number's. To a company like, this means that up to twenty percent of old cars are still sitting around in yards and garages around the country. They want that twenty percent to mean dollars to the owners, and recycling instead of landfills for them and the vehicles.

But, is selling an unwanted automobile easy? Cash For Cars Quick really strives to make it just that. Sellers need only call their toll-free number at (888) 862-3001 or fill in the form on their Website to arrange to have the car picked up. In most cases, a tow truck will arrive within 24 hours to take the vehicle away. In as little as a week, the buyer will have a check in the mail. Even though larger cars tend to be worth more, thanks to their increased metal content, small ones are also worth a surprisingly large amount of money - even if they don't work. Also, the company gives a quote before taking the car away, so there are no surprises.

Sellers should keep in mind, that since the cars will be stripped of useful parts and then melted down, they do not have to be running in order to qualify for the junk car buying program. While the company bases its quotes in part on what's wrong with the car in question, they will even accept vehicles that have been abandoned and rusting for years. feels that there are many reasons to get rid of an old car besides its cash value. Broken-down old cars are often very expensive to fix. They also tend to need a series of repairs, since all of their parts are old and worn out. Old cars often leak oil, which can then get into groundwater as well as ruin the environment underneath the car. Finally, worn out old cars are ugly. Many local ordinances prohibit storing broken down or wrecked cars on residential property for this reason.

Since it's illegal to just dump a car at the side of the road, people who want to be rid of them need to find other methods. Mr. Leonard reflects, “There was a time when a car owner would have to pay a junkyard to take a non-running car away.” This has changed since the value of salvaged metal has gone up. Now it's easy to find buyers to give cash for junk cars that barely run or don't run at all.

Cash For Cars Quick is an automobile salvage company that operates all over the United States. It takes cars to its salvage yard to remove all of the useful parts. The remaining metal is then melted down for recycling. They are able to offer fast service thanks to their network of towing companies and recycling firms. The company also offers a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.

Phone: (888) 862-3001

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