Northeast Georgia Urologist Develops Prostate Cancer Decision Making App.

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Dr. John C. McHugh, a urologist with Northeast Georgia Urological Associtates, has developed an app to aid the newly diagnosed prostate cancer patient in the sometimes difficult treatment decision choice.

When a friend suggested that he make an app for patients with prostate cancer, Dr. John McHugh initially did not see the need for one.

"When the idea was first proposed my first thought was that the average prostate cancer patient can get all the information he would ever need off the internet. In other words why purchase an app for something you can already access?" says Dr. McHugh.

The difference feels Dr. McHugh is that apps are suited to the smart phone and the ProstateMd app is a portal to everything prostate cancer with the added twist that only a urologist who has had the disease and treated can offer. An app also streamlines the process of accessing multiple sources of information in a seamless fashion.

"I have had a prostate cancer blog, prostate diaries, for over a year now that has been quite successful with over 110,000 views. The blogging process has taught me a lot,not only about the technical side of providing information via the internet, but more importantly the ability to track issues that are most pressing to my intended audience. That audience being the men having been diagnosed with prostate cancer, but also for the people that love them and are as well trying to figure out this complicated disease."

Dr. McHugh says that his habit of eating lunch in his car opened his eyes to the value of a "content based" prostate cancer app.
"I enjoy eating lunch in my car and listening to the radio while I check things on my iphone," says Dr. McHugh.

The ProstateMd app has six icons that allows the reader to access podcasts, prostate cancer news by a RSS feed, Dr. McHugh's blog, links of value, illustrations from his book with a brief explanation, FAQ and links to informative videos.

"I have basically put together a one-stop app for about everything a person would ever want to know about prostate cancer with somewhat of a personal emphasis. The podcasts are recordings I have made addressing common searches on my blog. If one understands the 30 illustrations and their explanations, then they will be very far along in making an educated treatment decision based on the specifics of their disease," says Dr. McHugh.

Dr. McHugh also makes available a PDF of his novel McHugh Decision Worksheet.

"What the Worksheet does is that it allows the newly diagnosed prostate cancer patient identify those issues regarding treatment and put them into the context of what is important to them. It is a personality test meshed with the treatment options so to speak. It is a very popular item on the blog," says Dr. McHugh.

With over 250,000 men diagnosed each year in the U.S. and 25,000 dying a year, an app that helps the prostate cancer make the right treatment choices and can be utilized on the run, might very well help a lot of people.

"One feature about this app and the company that allowed me to develop it is that it can be updated regularly by me and the new content becomes live almost immediately. This feature makes it different from a static app and will allow me to address new issues or news about prostate cancer on an ongoing basis. I can do this with video, podcasts or links to sites that I feel as a urologist does a good job from a medical standpoint."

So to all of you out there that get your information on the run and are app savy...the ProstateMd may be for you. When someone asks you a question about prostate cancer just say,"There's an app for that!"
ProstateMd is available for iphone and ipad in the itunes store and on Droids.

Dr. McHugh is a private practice urologist in Gainesville, Georgia and dignosed and treated for prostate cancer in 2007. His book, "The Decision" is the number one Kindle on Amazon for the subject of prostate cancer.


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