3D Artists Launch a Peer-to-Peer Marketplace to Avoid Sales Commissions

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CGTrader, a startup developer of 3D content marketplace, enables designers to trade 3D content at http://www.cgtrader.com with no middlemen participation in the supply chain.

The rules of the game have changed: 3D artists now earn every dollar out of their talent

CGTrader has launched a 3D content online marketplace that allows the designer community to trade their content worldwide in the most profitable way. The new platform is based on a peer-to-peer cooperation model, and enables any artist to receive all amount paid by the customer straight to the Paypal account in seconds after the customer completed the purchase. The new cooperation model eliminates the middlemen who now take up to 60% commissions on the price in other 3D shops.

“The peer-to-peer model brings benefits for both parties: artists earn more, while customers pay less”, said Marius Kalytis, a co-founder of CGTrader. “Artists, or sellers, set lower prices for their products as they are no longer forced to share income with the middlemen. Besides artists earn more as they receive the full amount paid by the customer”.

CGTrader has called this type of cooperation a ‘fair marketplace’. At cgtrader.com artists are proposed to pay a flat fee to activate a 3D model for future sales after it was sold for the first time and the money reached the artist’s pocket.

Artists can choose the most appropriate type of activation: $5 one-time activation or $20 annual activation. The choice depends on the turnover rate of a particular 3D model.

At commission-based shops, the more talented is the artist and the higher is the quality of the model, the more the artist is charged. On the contrary, the peer-to-peer marketplace’s flat fee enables artists to fix their costs of sales and maximise income. “Online marketplaces shouldn’t charge artists for their talent or quality of products”, said Marius Kalytis.

He and his business partner Donatas Aksomitas are experienced computer graphics designers themselves who now seek to implement a win-win business model within the 3D market.

“We were disappointed with the unfair collaboration with other 3D model shops for many years so one day we decided to build an effective alternative for the whole computer graphics community”, said Marius Kalytis of CGTrader.

Since the start of open beta, designers worldwide have already uploaded 1,200 3D objects to cgtrader.com. The leading studios CGShape and NoneCG were among the first big market players who trusted CGTrader and they now use it as significant sales channel.

The peer-to-peer marketplace outbids the old fashioned shops with a list of additional benefits. There are no minimum limits set for the accumulation of purchases: artists get all the sum at once in seconds after the purchase. In addition, artists are now aware of the particular buyer of their products, so they can better meet the customer needs.

Artists interested in learning more about CGTrader’s offer can visit http://www.cgtrader.com. For 3D content users, http://www.cgtrader.com can already offer 1,200 objects in stock that is growing very fast.

Founded in 2011 by former CG artists, CGTrader is developing a peer-to-peer online marketplace for 3D artists where they sell and buy Revit and 3D models. The marketplace http://www.cgtrader.com has been created to meet the significant need of 3D community to fairly trade CG content with no middlemen participation in the supply chain.


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